No matter what we do, no matter where we go, there’ll always be thieves out there to steal our stuff. Motorcycle theft has been a rampant problem in the US since time immemorial.

And in other parts of the globe, the same very much rings true.

In the UK, for example, a recent report highlights some of the most stolen motorcycles in the country. The bikes on the list are indeed very interesting, and paint an insight as to why these no-gooders, or rapscallions, as the Brits would call them, steal the bikes that they steal.

But before we dive into the specifics, let’s first take a look at the motorcycling landscape in the UK, and how it differs from what most of you may be familiar with. You see, across the pond, motorcycles aren’t just toys, they’re a legitimate means of mobility, and for some people, literally the only way to get around.

And so, the bikes in the UK, as well as in other parts of Europe, tend to be smaller, more compact, and more adept to the urban jungle. Very much unlike the high-displacement turbocharged Hayabusas and loud cruisers seen plying American streets.

Indeed, you could say that the bike scene in the UK is more similar to that of South America and maybe even Asia, except of course, there aren’t as many of them on the streets.

Popular among thieves

Because of the ease of use and accessibility of motorcycles, it’s no surprise that they’re easy targets for thieves. Indeed, the most stolen motorcycle in the UK is the Honda WW 125, also known as the PCX 125. This little maxi-scoot is popular both in Europe and Asia, and it’s quite a good-looking machine, considering its low price point and decent performance.

Up next is another small-displacement commuter, but this time, it takes the form of a crossover called the Yamaha YBR 125—a hybrid between a naked bike and a dual-sport. I’m very well acquainted with this bike, as it’s a common sight in the Philippines where I’m from. It’s a robust and reliable workhorse that makes use of stone-age tech, so it’s sure to keep running even after the impending zombie apocalypse. No wonder it’s a target for thieves.

Out of the top 10 bikes in UK’s most-stolen list, very few of them are actually “premium” models, or models the global audience is familiar with. However, those that did make the list are indeed very popular. For instance, the Yamaha YZF-R1 made the list, sitting in fourth place. Part of the list was also the Honda CBR600RR, as well as BMW’s R 1250 and R 1200 range of bikes.

How can we prevent and deal with theft?

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So now you may be wondering: what’s the point of knowing what the most stolen bikes in the UK are? Well, apart from gaining some nuggets of trivia, it could indeed help folks looking to get a bike in the UK steer clear from these theft-prone machines. Furthermore, it could also encourage current owners of these bikes to take extra caution when storing and parking their bikes, something which, quite frankly, everyone should be doing.

And this brings me to my next point. As I said at the start of this story, there will always be thieves out there looking to get their dirty hands on our stuff. The fact is that we can’t always rely on law enforcement to keep our belongings safe.

Remember, only 29 percent of stolen property is ever recovered, at least in the US. And so the responsibility ultimately rests on our shoulders.

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That said, taking a few extra steps to secure our bikes could very well go a long way in deterring thieves from taking them from us. Simply securing and locking up your shed or garage at night could be a good start—leaving a light on could also deter thieves, as it looks like someone’s inside guarding your stuff.

If you don’t have a garage, a simple bike lock with an alarm, or a series of locks to make it harder for no-gooders to run off with our machines could have them look for easier targets, ultimately leaving your pride and joy unscathed.

Sometimes, however, no matter what we do, thieves will still get their hands on our pride and joy. And so if it’s something you can afford, getting comprehensive insurance coverage, specifically with theft coverage, can help give you some extra peace of mind. These comprehensive insurance packages even cover you for other damages like vandalism and natural disasters, too.

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