The Yamaha Ténéré 700 is arguably one of the most capable middleweight adventure bikes out there. In fact, its status as an adventure bike is somewhat questionable, as it can do things typically reserved for enduro bikes, especially when piloted by a rider as skilled as Pol Tarres.

And while out of the box, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is probably far more capable as a bike than many riders can handle, this didn’t stop Yamaha from rolling out a whole bunch of performance-oriented upgrades for the T7.

Sold under Yamaha’s GYTR—or Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing—these upgrades have been developed directly from the world of racing, and represent Yamaha’s highest level of performance.

GYTR Performance Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700

The GYTR kit comes in three packages and can be fitted on both the standard Ténéré 700 and the Ténéré World Raid edition.

The first one, dubbed the GYTR Performance Kit, promises an engine performance boost of up to 8.5 percent, and makes use of the bike’s stock wiring harness, but incorporates a titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic. It does, however, require Yamaha’s Stage 1 ECU upgrade for optimal performance.

The GYTR Performance Kit throws in a billet aluminum clutch cover and serrated footpegs for improved performance, too. Yamaha says that all the parts are easy to install, with everything bolting on in a matter of minutes.

GYTR Handling Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700
The GYTR Handling Kit gives the T7 extra suspension travel

Up next, Yamaha offers the GYTR Handling Kit, which gives the T7’s wheels and suspension an overhaul. The kit consists of KYB forks with DLC coating and 270 millimeters of travel, providing an additional 60 millimeters of travel versus the stock forks.

The kit also beefs up the bike’s triple clamp, and incorporates an adjustable steering damper for more high-speed stability. The rear shock gets upgraded to a Paioli shock absorber with a full suite of adjustability.

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Yamaha throws in a new radiator assembly in the Handling Kit, too, as it features a bigger radiator for improved cooling, as well as a separate oil cooler. As for the wheels, the Handling Kit replaces the stock wheels with lightweight rally wheels and an upgraded braking system.

The finishing touch to this package is a high front fender setup that accentuates the bike’s enduro inspirations.

GYTR Rally Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700

Last but not least, the GYTR Rally Kit is designed for folks who want to transform their T7 into a full-on rally machine.

The kit ditches the Ténéré’s road-focused features such as ABS and the immobilizer, and includes front auxiliary tanks for a total fuel capacity of 37.6 liters. Over on the cockpit, there’s a handlebar upgrade which features a quick-action throttle and navigation brackets. The kit also comes with a headlight tower with a polycarbonate windscreen and high-performance spotlights.

The rally kit also features a carbon fiber and kevlar skid plate, as well as a rally-spec saddle which is flat and level, allowing the rider to easily move and shift their weight around. Last but not least, the Rally Kit comes with a full sticker kit, transforming the look of the T7.

The GYTR Rally Kit gives the T7 a new look

The entire detailed catalog of all the upgrades in Yamaha’s GYTR lineup can be found on Yamaha’s official website. You’ll be able to find specific part numbers, too, so if you want to get certain upgrades for your bike without spending a fortune on the entire kit, you’ll be able to do so.

As mentioned earlier, these GYTR upgrades for the T7 are the very best Yamaha has to offer. In fact, the company says that these upgrades have been developed with Yamaha’s Rally Team consisting of none other than Pol Tarres and Alessandro Botturi.

So yes, if you deck out your T7 with these parts, then you pretty much have the closest thing to a rally replica. Best of all you won’t need to have skills anywhere close to the level of Tarres. But hey, that’ll surely be a bonus.

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