Custom bikes come in all shapes and sizes. From crazy high-performance builds involving turbocharged superbikes, to tastefully restomodded classics—there’s no shortage of diversity when it comes to the custom bike scene. What we have here today is sort of an intersection between restomodding and vintage motocross, or VMX as it’s known.

It comes to us from the folks over at Purpose Built Moto, a custom workshop from The Land Down Under. We’ve talked about these guys quite a bit in the past, and it’s clear that they’ve got a thing for tasteful restomods.

Their latest creation could very well be my favorite, and it’s a custom Yamaha XT500 that’s been reworked and re-envisioned pretty much from the ground up.


The folks at PBM started with the bike’s heart. Not just refreshing, but thoroughly upgrading the engine, as a bunch of upgrades were thrown in to make sure that this thing rips as good as it looks. Upgrades included a big bore kit, new cams, ported and polished heads, oversized valves, and a new Mikuni carb. The team at PBM also upgraded the bike’s charging system into a 12-volt system with a new CDI.

For a touch of extra convenience, the bike was fitted with an electric starter kit. Sure, kickstarters are cool and all, but no one can deny the simplicity an electric starter brings to the table. Plus, you still have the option to kick-start this thing, should you feel the need to show off to your buddies.

With the engine and electronics out of the way, the team turned its attention to fabrication. The theme here was obviously to retain the bike’s unmistakable identity, all while adding a touch of modernity. As such, a custom sheet metal headlight cover, front fender, and a pair of fork covers were crafted. At the back, a factory Yamaha XT500 fender was customized for a sportier look, and the tail hoop was raised for a more aggressive stance.

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Purpose Built Moto did a bunch of tweaks to the suspension, too. That’s to say, they ditched the bike’s stock setup, opting for new inverted front forks and a YSS rear shock. These upgrades not only added a touch of modernity to the build, they also gave the bike a motocross-inspired stance—one that was further accentuated by a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel combo shod in Dunlop D606 rubber.

With all the big ticket items out of the way, it was time to take a look at the finishing touches.

Over in the cockpit, the custom build features a Daytona digital dash, Protaper bars, and custom PBM switches that toggle the LED headlight and turn signals. A pair of inverted Scrambler bar-end mirrors keep everything tidy and street-legal. Lastly, the bike breathes through a Staintune muffler that’s been shortened and customized to fit the XT500.

Adorned in a classic-inspired Yamaha Yellow finish complete with stylized Speedblocks, this custom build is almost too pretty to ride. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Purpose Built Moto built this thing to shred off-road, and it seems that this is exactly what its owner intends to do.

Having a custom VMX or Vinduro has always been a dream of mine, albeit one that I know I’m not ready to devote time and money to just yet. But seeing masterfully created builds like this custom Yamaha XT500 inspires me to one day achieve that dream.

What do you think of Purpose Built Moto’s custom creation? Let us know in the comments below.

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