UJMs make for some of the most versatile two-wheeled machines out there. Indeed, you could even say they were the neo-retro bikes back when neo-retro bikes didn’t really exist yet. I’m talking about bikes like the Honda CB400 Super Four, or the Kawasaki Zephyr 900. Nowadays, UJMs make for excellent custom platforms, and can become real head-turners. Take, for example, this gorgeous custom Suzuki GSX1400 from Purpose Built Moto in Australia.

The bike in question is a 2008 Suzuki GSX1400 that Luke, a custom bike aficionado, is the proud owner of. Luke had previously collaborated with Purpose Built Moto on his CBX1000 cafe racer, and after being pleased with their work, he opted to avail of their services once more—this time, for the GSX1400. The project initially focused only on aesthetic improvements, minor engine performance changes, and improved handling. Clearly, the finished product went a step further with pretty much a ground-up rebuild taking place.

The motorbike was first stripped of all of its original components. With the exception of the fuel tank, the majority of the OEM body elements were discarded. Tom and Luke had decided on white wheels early in the ideation phase, so the color palette started to take shape. Soon after, work on the subframe started while the wheels were shipped off to be painted. Tom removed excess length from the motorcycle's rear section and installed a Timeless Auto Trim Alcantara seat with plenty of padding. The longer YSS shock absorbers were then added and mounted to the new shock mounts, lifting the rear of the bike.

Check Out Purpose Built Moto’s Custom 2008 Suzuki GSX1400

Additionally, the head angle was sharpened for a sportier stance. Meanwhile, up front, it features a bespoke fender that matches the white wheel and painted lower fork legs on the bike perfectly. Utilizing one of Purpose Built Moto's own fender kits, Tom fitted the front fender, which is much smaller and streamlined than the stock piece.

The motorcycle's mechanicals mostly remained the same in terms of performance. The motorbike was tuned by Purpose Built Moto using a fresh set of DNA pod filters and a dyno. The output ratings, 107 horsepower and 96 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheel, are pretty impressive, considering that the bike was rated at 103 horsepower and 91 ft-lbs of torque when it was released in 2008.

Check Out Purpose Built Moto’s Custom 2008 Suzuki GSX1400
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