I have no hate toward the Polaris Slingshot. In fact, a long time ago, one made me giggle at how easy it was to slide. But I am not representative of the wider public, nor the internet where the Slingshot is, let's just say, not as beloved as Polaris would've hoped. 

It can be the butt of many jokes between both motorcyclists and car drivers, eschewed by both of the camps it straddles with its three wheels and open-top weirdness. A Morgan, this is not. 

But what if you fix some of the complaints that both sects have with the Slingshot? What if you lose your mind, add a fourth wheel and throw a heaping ton of power at it? Can haters still hate? Probably, this is the internet. But this custom Slingshot is cool as hell and I don't care who hears me say that. 

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ZZ Performance, the folks who built this particular Slingshot, loaned it to YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue last year to check out all the modifications the shop had done to the Polaris. And those modifications included the aforementioned fourth wheel thanks to a four-wheel conversion kit, and a revised engine. What sort of revisions you ask? Two big ones, including a big turbo and swapping the fuel mapping to handle E85. Both of these contribute to this Slingshot making a heaping ton of power.

Now, ZZ Performance's Slingshot is one of the earlier models, which means it's running off of an old GM Performance Ecotec engine. Those are pretty well-known to handle gobs of horsepower with the right modifications, and this is most definitely a case proving that fact.

ZZ Performance is known as an Ecotect tuner, so how much horsepower does this Slingshot make you ask? You a lot questions, but yeah, this thing is pumping out an insane 500 wheel horsepower. 500. HORSEPOWER. TO. THE. WHEELS. Ludicrous. Sign me up.

To handle all that, ZZ Performance swapped out the belt-driven rear trike setup for a four-wheel conversion that includes a traditional driveshaft-driven rear differential, the latter of which was apparently sourced out of a Camaro. 

It still can't put its power down, but that may be because of all that horsepower. But I wouldn't care, honestly. This iteration looks like a riot. Who's in to start a Slingshot drift series?

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