Owning a retro-modern or neo-retro motorcycle means that you’re very much into the aesthetic of motorcycling. Ownership of these types of bikes is usually accompanied by customization in varying degrees, and manufacturers have taken notice of this, and are now offering in-house customization options for their bikes.

A good example of this is Ducati with its Scrambler range of bikes, which has proven to be among the top-selling models in its global lineup. The Italian marque has just released a limited-edition customization kit designed in partnership with Van Orton Design. The kit’s styling is meant to pay homage to the European legs of Ducati’s Next-Gen Tour, and is decked out in loud colors and eye-catching graphics.

Only 50 of these official Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Design customization kits will be made available both online and via Ducati Dealerships.

Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Custom Kit Adds Color To Your Scrambler
Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Custom Kit Adds Color To Your Scrambler

According to Ducati, this exclusive collection highlights the importance of customization and self-expression to the brand. And by partnering with Van Orton Design, a duo of passionate digital graphic designers also based in Italy, Ducati wants to take the Scrambler’s sense of self-expression into the modern era.

And while the customization kit may appear complex and intricate, fitting it onto your bike couldn’t be any easier. The kit consists of removable body panels—a tank cover, side covers, and front fender, all finished in Van Orton Design’s signature graphics. All you have to do is install them onto your bike—something that shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes—and you have yourself a unique, limited-edition machine.

Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Custom Kit Adds Color To Your Scrambler
Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Custom Kit Adds Color To Your Scrambler
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Should you miss your chance to cop one of the 50 customization kits, well, there’s no need to worry, as Scrambler Ducati and Van Orton Design are launching a new capsule collection, too. The set consists of unisex streetwear-inspired clothes such as hoodies, T-shirts, and caps, and allows you to elevate your drip when you’re off the bike.

The Scrambler Ducati x Van Orton Design customization kits are now available via Ducati’s online store and physical dealerships—assuming all 50 haven’t yet been accounted for. Meanwhile, the capsule collection will hit online and physical stores in September, so stay tuned for that if you’re looking to add some moto-inspired color to your OOTD.

In an era where technology and sheer performance has the tendency to take center stage, it’s refreshing to see brands like Ducati team up with artists to give their bikes a stronger sense of visual flair.

It’s perfect for retro-inspired bikes like the Ducati Scrambler, as these machines already lean heavily on aesthetics as opposed to the details and numbers on a spec sheet. And for a lot of riders, being unique and standing out visually are more important than outright performance.

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