If you’re a big fan of motorcycle racing and the rich culture and legacy it brings to the table, you won't want to miss this. Rainey’s Ride To The Races is set to make a comeback this year, as MotoAmerica announced the fourth edition of the annual event.

Rainey’s Ride To The Races, named after MotoAmerica’s president and three-time World Champion Wayne Rainey, gives participants the unique opportunity to spend a day riding bikes and mingling with some of the most legendary names in the world of racing.

I’m talking about the likes of Eddie Lawson, Bubba Shobert, Rick Johnson, Scott Parker, Doug Chandler, Thomas Stevens, Miguel Duhamel, and Ben Spies—all of whom will grace the 2024 Rainey’s Ride To The Races with their presence.

Rainey’s Ride To The Races Returns In July 2024

The day-long, hundred-mile ride is scheduled for July 12, 2024, and will coincide with the sixth round of the MotoAmerica Steel Commander Superbike Championship at Laguna Seca, so expect it to be filled with adrenaline-pumping racing. The ride starts at the Moto Talbott Motorcycle Museum in Carmel Valley, and will see the group ride through scenic spots like the Santa Lucia Mountain Ranges, Salinas Valley foothills, local wineries, and Steinbeck country.

Of course, the ride will conclude at Laguna Seca, with laps around the iconic race track and a question-and-answer session with all the racing icons listed above.

Speaking of icons, Wayne Rainey himself had this to say about the upcoming event: “I’m really proud of what Rainey’s Ride To The Races has become … We’ve raised nearly $325,000 since we started the ride three years ago, and that money has gone to a worthy cause – acquiring soft barrier systems we use at our races for improved rider safety.”

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If you’re keen on hitting the road and track and spending a day with racing legends, you’re gonna have to fork up $700 for the Premium Pass. But you’ll have to move quickly, as the event is limited to just 50 riders. For an additional $700, you can upgrade your experience with the MotoAmerica Superfan VIP Experience, which grants you access to the racing action throughout the entire weekend. Check the event packages out on MotoAmerica's website

It’s always epic to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the sport we’re most passionate about. It makes us feel like we’re actually part of the culture and legacy of racing, and not merely spectators watching from a distance. The racing icons present at Rainey’s Ride To The Races have pretty much shaped modern-day motorcycle racing, and continue to set the stage for the future of the sport.

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