Husqvarna is one of the biggest, most respected names in the enduro and off-road motorcycle scene. And Husky knows you want more seat time in far-flung destinations, so what better way to get up close and personal with what Husqvarna has to offer than through the Husqvarna Trek 2024?

It’s an off-road riding experience that showcases some of Husky’s most popular models—the Norden 901, Norden 901 Expedition, 701 Enduro, and 701 Enduro LR. And for the first time ever, the Husqvarna Trek will be making its way to the south of Spain, giving riders a unique experience of the country’s rugged wilderness.

Slated for November 18 to 22, 2024, participants will ride through the challenging terrain of Granada, experiencing breathtaking views and expertly crafted trails.


Husqvarna says that the event will mainly feature long adventure-style rides, with an exciting combination of fire roads, desert terrain, and twisty gravel roads through the Sierra Nevada mountains. There’ll also be sections of trail where more experienced riders can peel off to try technical and challenging lines. Meanwhile, those looking to just chill and admire the scenery can stick to the main route.

The tour will allow riders to explore that terrain either on their own or in a group. Self-navigation through planned GPS routes created by local experts will give newcomers a guide of the best trails to explore.

Registration for the Husqvarna Trek 2024 will open on April 15, 2024, and only 70 slots will be available. That said, if you’re keen on participating in this event, I’d suggest you stay glued to your computer or mobile device right before the clock strikes midnight on April 15, as chances are slots will be filled up very quickly.

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There’s been a massive uptick in off-road and adventure riding in recent years all over the world, and it’s easy to see why so many people are getting in on the ADV fun.

Having a blast off-road isn’t just tons of fun, it makes you a better rider, too. New trails like the new BDR Northern California route are making ADV riding accessible to a wider audience. At the same time, OEM initiatives like the Husqvarna Trek make it easier for new riders to get a taste of the off-road lifestyle.

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