We’ve seen a whole bunch of new Chinese motorcycle brands enter the scene in recent years. A lot of them have made it clear that they’re tackling the performance end of the spectrum. But one brand in particular stands out as the most eager when it comes to motorsports, and that’s Kove Moto.

Kove Moto made its global debut at EICMA 2022, it’s so new, it's practically a baby in the motorcycle game. But the company has proven that it’s worthy of attention as it quickly participated in the Dakar Rally fielding its then-prototype 450 Rally. Since then, Kove has only bolstered its racing initiatives, expanding into road racing by joining the SSP300 class of the World SBK.

And now you—yes, you—can get in on the action thanks to Kove Moto's new Baja program.

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While Kove wants to make it big on the global racing stage, it’s also keeping an eye on the grassroots level. In the US, Kove has announced a pretty big support program for Score’s new Pro Moto ADV class for the 2024 racing season. The class is Score International Off-Road Racing’s new league exclusive for adventure bikes with displacement 250cc to 650cc. The rulebook makes it clear that only adventure bikes—not enduro bikes—can join, as these bikes need to have a front windscreen and a large-capacity fuel tank.

To that end, the company is really pushing its new 450 Rally model, offering $1,000 USD to the first five racers to sign up for the new series. Even better still, Kove has contributed to the prize money of all races for this season, too. Regardless of brand, podium finishers will be given cash prizes amounting to $2,500 USD for first place, $1,000 USD for second place, and $500 USD for third place.

The 2024 season of the Pro Moto ADV class is already in full swing, with three racers remaining for the season. The BF Goodrich Score Baja 500 56th is scheduled for May 29 to June 2, 2024, while the Score Baja 400 is slated on September 11 to 15, 2024. The racing season then draws to a close with the BF Goodrich Score Baja 1000 from November 12 to 17, 2024. For more info, feel free to check out the Score Pro Moto ADV guidebook.

Seeing new brands go all-out in motorsports is nothing short of exciting, and living proof that the sport we’re most passionate about is alive and well.

Kove extending support to a fairly new category of off-road racing is undoubtedly an exciting way to promote motorsports among ADV owners, and really has the potential to elevate the ADV segment from recreation to serious motorsport.

Maybe they'd be up to sponsoring a RideApart entrant at Baja this year? Hey Kove, hit us up. 

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