There are a whole bunch of weird and seemingly senseless world records out there. For example, the fastest time to eat a burrito stands at 35 seconds, and some crazy dude thought it would be a good idea to walk barefoot on LEGOs for 2.3 miles.

The motorcycle world is also home to its fair share of world records, some pretty cool and others rather pointless—the legendary Pol Tarres is a multiple world record holder, having conquered both altitude and jumping feats aboard multiple bikes. Those are pretty badass if you ask me.

But there are also other moto world records from folks all over the world that aren’t quite as badass, and will instead have you scratching your head and asking yourself, “Just… why?”

A good example of this comes to us from Mumbai, India, where a dude named Pandit Dhayagude decided that he wanted to go down in history as the person having been run over by the most motorcycles ever. Of course, being run over again and again by a bunch of motorcycles, no matter how small or light they may be, will certainly take its toll on a human body.

And so, Pandit Dhayagude started training his abdominal muscles to take the hits.

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His first attempt saw him being run over by 121 motorcycles, before tapping out presumably due to the pain of having motorcycles constantly compress his rib cage. After more training and determination, Dhayagude broke his record—and perhaps a couple of ribs—on May 7, 2023, after a total of 376 motorcycles ran over him.

For reference, it appears that Dhayagude used a bunch of Indian Scouts for his record-setting attempt, each of which weighed in at about 540 pounds.


That said, it seems that precautions were taken to minimize injury on the part of Dhayagude, as the bike’s full weight was never placed on his body thanks to the use of ramps.

A cheeky Instagram commenter was quick to point this out, challenging Dhayagude to ditch the ramps on his next attempt. Other commenters first questioned the sense of the record, and quite frankly, I’m doing the same thing.

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