Let's face it, as motorcyclists, we all have at least one silly goal we dream of being able to achieve one day in our riding lives. For me, personally, it's to be able to wheelie my Yamaha MT-07 from first gear all the way to sixth gear—in a closed and controlled environment, of course. I'm sure some of you reading this are capable of doing just that, so please feel free to hit me up with any pointers. 

For a certain Turkish WSBK racer who goes by the name Toprak Razgatlioglu, his silly ambition turned into a reality last Saturday, September 4 at the French round of the WSBK at Magny-Cours. You see, his goal wasn't just to win the race—no, that's way too easy. His goal was to decimate his opponents so badly, that he could pull a stoppie across the finish line.


Well, last Saturday, Toprak did just that. On the closing lap of Race 1 at Magny-Cours, Toprak managed to pull away from Kawasaki Racing Team frontman Jonathan Rea with a gap of around four seconds. Right before crossing the finish line, he pulled off what could quite possibly be the most epic stoppie in the history of the WSBK, before glancing back making sure the coast was clear. Razgatlioglu's flamboyant move instantly went viral, with both fans and critics speaking their mind about the move. One thing's for sure, though, that stoppie made for quite a spectacular photo.

Apparently, Toprak had been dreaming of doing a stoppie across the finish line ever since the start of the 2021 season. In a report published by GPOne, he stated, "The conditions were good today, then this year I had this desire to cross the finish line with a stoppie and I couldn't wait to come here because the finish line here is close to the exit of the last corner. I just needed a 4-5 second lead to do it. When I saw I had a 4" advantage, I tried it and I'm very happy I did it."

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