Whether on two wheels or four, wheelies are wonderful, as the act of lifting your front end is quite an addicting feeling. They're not easy, though. How do you do it? Well, first you need enough weight transfer and power to lift the front on hard acceleration, a clutch kick if necessary, rear wheel traction, and enough bravery to pull the machine up.

I love wheelies, myself, and I'm guilty of partaking in the act on my motorcycles. But here’s a video that answers a question I never thought that I’d need to ask: “Could you wheelie a sandrail on ice?” 

Did you know a sandrail comes with sand tires? Who would have guessed? Though you could get away with driving it a bit on the slippery surface, to lift that front end, you’ll need a bit of help.

CbBoysTV, the same folks who threw snow treads onto a Harley bagger last week, has the answer to that odd question. And it's as simple as asking what better way to get an aggressive foothold on ice than a lot of studs?

The studs did the trick, and they did run after run, wheelieing the snot out of the sandrail. It even scraped the rear of the car on the ice. That is until the fun was cut short because the crew literally wheelied the wheel off.


In the end, even if a driveshaft snapped in the process and a wheel had to be reattached, it feels like it was worth the effort. 

But without sand anywhere near them, why buy a sandrail? Well, apparently the boys were so inspired by their one friend that they ended up buying one and adapting it to the freezing cold. 

Was it worth it? I think so. Did you see how high it got? 

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