Finding gear that fits you just right can be tough. If you're lucky, either you are personally (or you know) a good alterations specialist who can fix fitment issues as they arise. I once found a leather jacket that fit me perfectly in the torso, but which also had arms that were slightly too long.

Luckily, I had a person I could take it to and they were able to measure me up and make the arms fit right. (I still have that jacket to this day.)

If you're looking for a one-piece leather suit and you're a woman, it's even tougher. Finding a jacket or pants that fit is difficult enough, but finding both in a single garment? Sure, there are made-to-measure services that can create a suit to fit your exact dimensions, but most of us non-racers are frequently shopping off the rack. There has to be someone taking a variety of women's body shapes into account, right?

Enter the REV'IT! Xena 4 ladies one-piece suit, which the company says was designed specifically to hug a woman's body in the right places while still offering plenty of room to move around and, you know, ride the bike.

Rev'It! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit

Rev'It! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit

Rev'It! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit - Front and Back, Blue

Rev'It! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit - Front and Back, Blue

By definition, a race suit needs to be snug and fitted to offer optimal protection (not to mention keep all the armor and optional airbag equipment in place). But a rider still needs to be able to move around quite a lot, both on and off the bike. How can you have both?

According to REV'IT! the answer is a combination of cowhide leather and "strategically placed stretch panels." These include the following points, directly taken from the product description:

  • Stretch cuff
  • Stretch at ankle
  • Stretch at armholes
  • Stretch at calf
  • Stretch at crotch
  • Stretch at front
  • Stretch at inside arms
  • Stretch at shoulders
  • Stretch lips at knees
  • Stretch lips at shoulders

In addition to all the stretch panels, the Xena 4 suit also features both cuff and calf zippers that you can undo when you're suiting up, then zip closed once you've got the suit positioned where you want it on your body. The collar and cuffs also use a comfortable fabric to keep things soft, cozy, and forgettable (as in not annoying) when you're wearing them. 

There are plenty more features to the Xena 4 to aid in creating both a protective and comfortable situation for female riders. There's a wind catcher behind the front zipper, as well as ventilation on the back, lower arms, upper legs, and center front.

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The speed hump is prepared for a hydration pack, and the Xena 4 will accommodate either a Seesoft CE Level 2 back protector insert or your choice of either the Avertum Tech-Air airbag system or a Tech-Air airbag vest. Please note that if you choose to wear either airbag system, you'll need to purchase your Xena 4 one size up from the size indicated on the chart that normally fits you.

The Xena 4 comes with Betac elbow, knee, and shoulder protection (all CE Level One), as well as Seesmart hip protectors (also CE Level One) and TPU elbow sliders, knee, and shoulder protection on the outside of the garment. It also comes with a AAA safety rating.

Available sizes range from 34 to 46, but all are currently listed as being Out of Stock on the official REV'IT! webpage.

You can, however, find your local Rev'It! dealer and inquire about a Xena 4 if you're interested. The MSRP on this one-piece suit may vary in different regions, but in the US it's $1,099 and in Canada it's $1,399.99. It comes in your choice of blue or black.

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