Delving into the world of off-road riding is more complicated than one might expect. Your train of thought may go something like this, "Do I need a neck brace? It seems like a great piece of protection but none of the pros wear them, plus they're expensive.

Maybe I'll tackle something easier first: goggles. Why are there so many colors? What do the tints do? Do I need multiple pairs? Ahh!".

Goggles confused the hell out of me when I first started learning about them. The only thing I understood inherently was I needed a tinted lens to ride if it's very sunny and a clear lens if it's not. Well, SCOTT has made that way of thinking obsolete with its Prospect Light Sensitive goggles

Let me explain.

Light-Sensitive Lens

To be clear, the technology we're interested in here isn't necessarily the goggles but the photochromic lens that sits within. If you know how photochromic sunglasses work, then you understand this lens, but if you don't, I'll explain.

When UV rays hit the light-sensitive molecules inside photochromic lenses, they shift their structure. This allows them to absorb more light, giving the lenses a heavier tint. When the UV light is absent, the tint goes away, and the lenses become clear again.

Scott prospect light sensitive goggles

So, as the sun sets on a great day of riding, this lens will let you keep going without needing to take a trip back to your gear bag to swap your current lens out for a clear one. But photochromic lenses have benefits beyond this.

Weather doesn't stay consistent, if it did, maybe I'd still live in Ireland instead of Mexico. And as clouds drift to block out the sun when you're halfway through your moto, you might find the tinted lenses you started the race with now make it hard to see. SCOTT's light-sensitive lenses will adapt as you ride, cloud to cloud, turn to turn.

More Than Light Sensitive

The Prospect Light-Sensitive Goggle's shining feature is that the lenses are photochromic, but there's more to them than that. The lens offers 100% UV protection and a NoFog anti-fog lens treatment. 

The lens is housed in the SCOTT's Prospect frame, which features a lens lock system, NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam, articulated outriggers, and an extra-wide no-slip silicone strap. The Prospect Goggles including the light-sensitive lens, come in at $104.95, and you can check them out in action in the video below.

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