Most motorcycle helmet manufacturers have long-offered photochromic visors for numerous models. For those unfamiliar with the accessory, the transitional shields darken when exposed to high-frequency ultraviolet rays. When the sun dips behind the horizon, however, the lenses revert back to a clear finish, maximizing both vision and convenience.

Conversely, sport-touring lids tend to employ drop-down, internal sun visors for the user to deploy at will. Arai Helmet has steered clear of both features thus far, citing shell and shield safety issues as a primary concern. Instead, the firm championed a proprietary Pro Shade system. While the external, dual-pane visor preserves vision, it doesn’t provide comprehensive shading and requires the rider to flip down the tinted shield when needed.

Now, the Japanese helmet maker introduces a solution that upholds its rigorous protective standards while actively adapting to changing lighting conditions. Developed in partnership with Pinlock, the new ProtecTINT photochromic lens tasks the anti-fog insert with delivering optimal optics at all times of the day.

When paired with one of Arai’s clear visors, the ProtecTINT remains in a clear state at night. As soon as the sun’s rays penetrate the lens, however, it adjusts the tint to the situation. Arai and Pinlock’s collaborative add-on may mark a new development but the brand isn’t forgetting about long-time supporters.

Available for Arai’s SAI shield, the ProtecTINT insert accommodates older models such as the Corsair V, Defiant, Defiant Pro-Cruise, RX-Q, Signet-Q, Signet-Q Pro-Cruise, and Vector 2. The VAS-Z and CT-F ProtecTINTs cater to the brand’s open-face helmets, while the VAS-V version covers Corsair-X, Signet-X, Quantum-X, Contour-X, and Regent-X owners.

Retailing for €59.95 (~$65 USD), the ProtecTINT insert not only maintains the safety of Arai helmets but also negates the need to swap shields when the sun goes down.

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