Arai recently debuted its new Contour-X helmet in the U.S. market. While the Snell-approved lid attracts riders with both style and substance, the model has been available as the Quantic in Europe and as the Astro GX in Japan for some time now. As such, Arai already offers an assortment of color options and graphics in international markets, and the new Spine livery brings even more race-inspired design to the versatile lid.

Arai employs its signature Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction (PB-cLc2) composed of layered sheets of Super Fiber and laterally-oriented belt fibers, but the Spine graphic enhances the helmet’s sporty side with faux carbon fiber panels. Dual racing stripes only complement those inserts, starting at the chin and terminating at the rear.

All color variants feature a black base, but the white/gold, red, and green options distinguish each rendition. As a result, all three versions feature a dark smoke rear spoiler and silver on black 3D logo duct.

Underneath that becoming design, the Astro GX boasts the same F1-style XGF top vents, air scoop chin vent, and rear extractors that maximize the model's airflow. The odor-resistant brushed nylon liner, 5mm flared opening, and chin curtain provide even more comfort.

This combination of sport-oriented styling and touring-friendly comfort makes the Astro GX the ideal helmet for everything from long-distance trips to the occasional track day. The Spine graphic only accentuates that versatility.

In Japan, the Astro GX Spine retails for ¥68,200 and comes in sizes 54cm, 55-56cm, 57-58cm, 59-60cm, and 61-62cm. The model touts Snell and JIS approval and Arai fits the helmet with a clear VAS-V MV as standard equipment.

In the U.S., the Contour-X isn’t available in the Spine graphic just yet. However, Arai previously released its Quantum-X model in the same livery and units should still be available at online retailers.

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