Recently, a woman from Nebraska discovered a gas station pump glitch at her local fillup spot. And, naturally, she exploited it, filling up for free for over six months, according to 1011 Now, a local news outlet. 

I, personally, make no judgment—have you seen the price of just…living these days—but the police are, as local 1011 Now states “Lincoln Police got a call from Bosselman Enterprise’s loss prevention manager on Oct. 20, 2023. The manager got word from the Pump and Pantry near West O Street and Sun Valley Boulevard that someone had been participating in a fuel scam.”

The police then learned that the fuel pumps at the Pump and Pantry had received a software update in “November of 2022,” which “managed orders and reward cards”. But that update had a glitch that allowed customers to use their rewards card to “enter the pump into a demo mode” so long as they swiped twice and…pump free gas. 

Hell yeaaa…I mean, that’s wrong. That’s bad. Very bad, indeed.

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 According to police, the suspect used the rewards card exploit 510 times, and it used multiple times a day, allowing others to use it, and likely made off with around 7,413 gallons during the time she started until she tried to sell the card and was stopped by police. 

“The manager estimated the average fuel cost between those months to be approximately $3.758 per gallon, bringing total losses to $27,860.27,” said the report on 1011 Now. That’s a hell of a lot of gas. 

Again, I’m not here to pass judgment. I ain’t the cops, nor your mom. But this whole saga got me wondering: What would you all do with $27,000 worth of free gas? 

For me, I’m thinking I’d start some kind of race series in my backyard. It’s already set up for pit-bikes, so why not get all my friends, family, the coworkers I like, and maybe even the ones I don’t, and get them over for a festival-style pit-bike championship? We could barbeque, hit sick jumps, and generally cause some good old-fashioned backyard chaos. And, obviously, it’d be a multi-day event. I mean, we have $27,000 worth of free gas. We’re gonna tear things up. 

You could also probably do a full Long Way Round. And Long Way Up

But again, what would you all do with $27,000 worth of free gas? Let me know in the comments below.

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