You could have made this work, right? I mean, the first time you watch the video, the element of surprise is enough but then, over the following few viewings, you take a closer look at the execution, question the motive. You wonder at the sheer ballsy (or insane) high-speed-chase element of it all; you speculate about what went wrong. Could it have worked, and what were the thieves after?

For starters, being that close to a truck in motion for a sustained length of time without hitting it is rather impressive. Doing that with two passengers, one of whom is reaching over with a bolt cutter is even more astounding. Then staying steady as the same guy strolls up the tank and onto the moving vehicle up front. Wow. Well, except for the crashing part.

"Oops, sorry guys."

Bungled Biker Burglary

At exactly the point where things might have gotten a little easier, the bike low-sides. Hard. Perhaps the climber pushed down with a bit too much force while he was propelling himself up toward the transport thus unbalancing the getaway gang. Next, we watch as the suddenly stranded rodeo rider scans his new perch before choosing to make an eerie exit—falling instantly out of sight the moment he touches down. 

Now you see him, now you don't.

Bungled Biker Burglary
Bungled Biker Burglary

It’s got all the makings of a perfect mystery: unknown assailants attempt a harrowing heist, fail, bail, and then disappear, leaving us to wonder what happened next.

Thing is, what would they have done with the loot, even if they had succeeded in getting at the cargo? Were they going to pack their pockets? Was there an extendable back-pack on the third-party pillion? Or were they renegade PETA activists freeing some ill-fated fauna or foul from an untimely demise? 

We may never know the outcome of their bungled burglary but we’re pretty sure that they’ll have plenty of time to watch a few too many crime capers of the Cruise kind before planning their next perilous pilferage.

Source: Reddit

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