EV dirt bikes are cool. I know that’s going to be a divisive claim, but I’ll stake my reputation on it. They’re powerful, nimble, easy to maintain and, best of all, quiet. Yes, yes, I still love engines, but do you know who doesn’t? Karen down the street, my HOA, and that group of through-hikers I just passed.

That’s why I’ve been paying attention to folks like Dust, as it’s building something that’ll get all those people off my back, and it just so happens that the company is releasing another 100 spots for its upcoming all-electric dirt bike. 

I say releasing as Dust is small and doesn’t have the manufacturing might of Triumph or Ducati or Honda to prop them up. Few do. But the company has taken the novel approach to building out its bikes and business through crowdfunding, and it seems to be working as the first 50 bike subscriptions—you pay monthly until you receive your bike—went like hotcakes. And according to the guys behind it, more people have been clamoring to join the Bend, Oregon as the outfit’s backers, as well as to further prove out its business model. Hence this release.

Dust Moto Alpha_1
Dust Moto Alpha_1
Dust Moto Alpha_1

The F100 campaign, which is what Dust is calling this release, will not only give backers 15 percent off the end MSRP, but they’ll also receive “Access to monthly member meetings, regular newsletters, and additional behind-the-scenes updates. Once production is running they will also receive delivery of bikes of the first batch production bikes with special custom touches.” Dust also said that the company “Found significant success with the involvement of members in their design and development process which has helped propel them to a validated Alpha_1 prototype.” So if you do become a backer, a suggestion you make might just make it onto the final design.

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My personal suggestion for Dust, if I was a backer, would be to keep the rear brake on the handlebars ala Ubco. Why? Because you can get the bike to properly Akira slide. Ask me how I know...

Dust Moto Alpha_1

As for the motorcycle itself, Dust says it's sorta between a 125cc and 250cc, but with the best attributes of both. That may be true, too, as the company’s Alpha_1 prototype has already made it into a select few hands, with pretty much universal praise for the bike. Specs are aimed at 91 kilos (200 pounds), 35 horsepower, 300 lb-ft of torque, all from a swappable 3.5 kW battery pack. Likewise, it’ll get a 20-inch wheel in the front, and 18-19 inch wheel rear. To these old ears, that sounds like a goddamn riot. 

Likewise, it’s meant to offer a lower barrier of entry to those curious to the motorcycling discipline, saying, “With the right ingredients, more people can connect with the sport than ever before” and that’s something RideApart absolutely promotes. Bigger pie, folks.

Obviously, Dust has to deliver, but I’m hopeful for the brand and those behind it. Now let me have a go so I can run my backyard track until midnight without anyone yelling at me to “Shut that damn motorcycle down!”

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