Many of us grew up in an age when RAM Mounts were the gold standard, but Quad Lock has rapidly taken the crown. That said there was still a gap in its product range for motorcyclists. Heavy emphasis on, "there was."

Quad Lock just launched a new Handlebar Clamp Mount, which seemingly bridges the gap between regular handlebar mounts and stem mounts. So, anyone who looks down at a cluttered cockpit with dissatisfaction, take note.

Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

M8 Bolt

The new Handlebar Clamp Mount, available in standard and PRO versions, revolves around the M8 bolt on your motorcycle's handlebar clamps. The mount requires a threaded M8 hole for secure attachment, meaning it replaces one of the M8 bolts on your handlebar clamp.

We've gotten by without this type of mount thus far, but it's not always easy. On some handlebars, there's simply no space to fit a conventional mount without bloodying your knuckles and leaving your phone at a less-than-ideal angle. But the new Handlebar Clamp Mount means your phone sits front and center and ensures your bike's cockpit looks clean.

Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount


Included with both versions of the new mount are spacers, so even if you've got particularly wide handlebars, you shouldn't run out of room. Once the unit is in place, you can use the 135-degree knuckle to adjust the mount and find the perfect viewing angle.

To keep the Handlebar Clamp Mount in place while you're on the move, Quad Lock constructed the new models with an anti-rotation serrated bolt base. According to Quad Lock, the use of high-tensile steel also works to keep your phone secure whether you're cruising on a highway or making your way down a rocky mountain descent.

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Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

The Head of New Product Development at Quad Lock, Andrew Kellock, stated that "the mounts undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure resilience against engine vibrations".

Standard and PRO Handlebar Clamp Mounts

The standard Handlebar Clamp Mount costs $44.99 and is made from glass-filled nylon. You can instantly spot the standard mount, as it features a blue lever. The Handlebar Clamp Mount PRO costs $64.99, and it's constructed from black anodized CNC machined aluminum and black stainless steel hardware.

Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

Both mounts should handle the job of keeping your phone in place equally well, but the PRO version, with its black lever and machined aluminum body, will be the nicest-looking option in most riders' eyes.


Although Quad Lock states that this model has been tested to ensure resilience against vibrations and can handle off-roading, it's still compatible with the optional vibration dampener. So, if you want to ensure your phone's camera stays in good working order, you should add the vibration dampener to your cart.

Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

Both versions are compatible with the rest of Quad Lock's accessory range, including the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head, Quad Lock 360, Motorcycle USB Charger, and the new Action Camera Adaptors.

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