For many motorcyclists, Quad Lock's products are the very best when it comes to mounting your phone on your handlebars. The brand's universal solutions make it possible for riders of all sorts of motorbikes to safely and securely mount their phones as they ride. On top of that, innovative products like the vibration damper prevent premature damage to phones caused by the bike's high-frequency vibrations.

It goes without saying that not all bikes are made equal, and not all bikes have the handlebar space to install a phone mount. Now, Quad Lock realizes the importance of having your phone readily accessible when you're out riding – be it for navigation, music, or coordination. As such, the brand has expanded its phone mounts with two new mounts designed specifically for motorcycles with limited handlebar space.


The first of the two is a useful option for folks who ride commuters and scooters. It's called the Quad Lock Brake Reservoir, and as its name suggests, it's designed to mount securely onto rectangular brake reservoirs. Its universal design means it can be bolted on to nearly all types of rectangular reservoirs. Furthermore, it makes use of thread-locking screws to ensure that your phone doesn't come loose as a result of vibrations. According to Quad Lock, the brand's dual-stage locking mechanism ensures "security even during the roughest rides and terrains."

Quad Lock Has Two New Phone Mounts For Bikes With Limited Bar Space

The second option is the Quad Lock Brake/Clutch Mount, and it mounts directly onto your bike's brake or clutch perch. The kit incudes high-tensile bolts with serrated flanges for extra security, ensuring your brake or clutch perch stays tightly mounted onto your bars, and the phone mount is able to withstand vibrations and jarring. This one is better suited to entry-level motorcycles with standard two-bolt clutch/brake perches. Quad Lock notes that the setup is compatible with clamps with non-recessed flange bolts. 

Both the Quad Lock Brake Reservoir and Brake/Clutch Mount setups are now available via the brand's online store. They retail for $59.99 USD each. Do note, however, that pricing and availability may vary depending on where you're from. The website says that Quad Lock does offer free shipping, but the fine print says that you need to handle any import costs if necessary. 

Being a long-term user of Quad Lock, I can confidently say that theirs is the best phone mount I have ever tried. That being said, I've found that the vibration damper is an absolute necessity in ensuring that your phone (in my case, an iPhone) doesn't get damaged from the bike's high frequency vibrations. 

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