When Triumph launched the 2022 Tiger 1200, it marked a major change from Tigers of the past. Features like the semi-active suspension, single-hand-operable and adjustable windscreen, premium electronics and additional features made them a massively popular bike. 

For 2024, Triumph sought to refine those characteristics yet again. Much like, say, a writer taking a first draft and then polishing the rough edges to make the final draft shine, the house of Hinckley set its sights on addressing all the small little details that take away from your enjoyment of a bike.

Because the truth is, they might seem small at first, but if you add them all up, they can make a significant difference.

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One seemingly major thing that Triumph says it's done is to address the engine forces that riders will feel from the T-plane triple that powers the entire Tiger 1200 range. The team claims a 43 percent reduction in yaw, a 5 percent reduction in pitch, and an 89 percent reduction in roll. If those figures are anywhere near accurate, that's an impressive accomplishment.

It's easy to see the phrase "minor updates" and think that an OEM didn't do much, but that doesn't appear to be the case here. We can't say from experience at this point, but on paper, this looks like the kind of thoughtfully considered character tweak that a Tiger 1200 aficionado might appreciate.

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer - Studio - Front Right Angle View

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer - Front Right Angle View

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer - Studio - Front Right Angle View

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer - Front Right Angle View

For 2024, The US Is Only Getting The Explorer Models

While Triumph is releasing both a 2024 GT Pro and Rally Pro in other markets, the US-spec bikes will only be available as your choice of a 2024 Tiger 1200 GT Explorer or a 2024 Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer. 

That means that both the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer come with the following standard features:

  • a cast aluminum 19-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel on the GT Explorer
  • a spoked and tubeless 21-inch front and an 18-inch rear wheel on the Rally Explorer
  • 200mm (about 7.87 inches) of suspension travel at both ends on the GT Explorer
  • 220mm (about 8.66 inches) of suspension travel at both ends on the Rally Explorer
  • Showa semi-active suspension
  • The previously-introduced Active Preload Reduction that brings the seat height down by 20mm (about 0.78 inches) at slow speeds
  • Brembo Stylemas
  • a 30 liter (just a hair under eight gallon) fuel tank
  • heated grips and seats (both rider and passenger)
  • up and down quickshifter
  • center stand
  • handguards and skid plate
  • engine protection bars on both bikes and additional fuel tank protection bars on the Rally Explorer
  • rear radar blind spot detection
  • A raft of electronic goodies including cruise control, hill hold, tire pressure monitoring system, cornering ABS and traction control, ride modes, and a keyless ignition and fuel cap.
  • A 7-inch TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity via the My Triumph system.

The 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer also gets foot controls that have been repositioned to allow for greater ground clearance when cornering. The entire range also benefits from an extended clutch lever to make a pretty normal part of motorcycle operation just a little bit more rider-friendly. 

All these things are the kind of refinements that can encourage a rider to want to spend more time on their bike. The more inviting the saddle, the more miles you'll want to put on the thing, right? That's what Triumph is betting on, at least.

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer - Saddle Closeup

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer - Saddle Closeup, where Triumph is hoping you'll want to spend all your free time.

Colors, Pricing, And Availability

The 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer gets a new color: Carnival Red. It joins the existing options of Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black. Opt for the 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer instead, and you can choose the new Matte Sandstorm shade in addition to the previous Matte Khaki and Jet Black options that are already available.

Both bikes should begin rolling into American Triumph Motorcycles dealerships by the beginning of May 2024. The 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer's MSRP starts at $23,795, while the 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer's MSRP starts at $24,895.

If you're interested in the 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 range, and you live in a region other than the US, your best bet is to reach out to your local Triumph dealer with any questions you may have. They'll be able to give you the most accurate information on pricing and availability in your area.

What do you think of Triumph's updates to the 2024 Tiger 1200 lineup? Are you looking forward to trying one out and/or bringing one home? Let us know in the comments!

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