It's the beginning of February, 2024, and you know what that means? We're just slightly over a month out from the start of motorcycle show season in Japan. The 2024 Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya Motorcycle Shows all announced their calendar dates back in September 2023. They've neatly coordinated so that while they're close together, none of the weekends thankfully overlaps.

Osaka kicks things off on the weekend of March 15 through 17, while Tokyo's show starts on March 22 and runs through March 24. Finally, the Nagoya show takes place from April 5 through 7, 2024. Ticket prices, availability, and purchasing methods vary, so we suggest checking the official website for full details about any show you're interested in [linked in our Sources below].

As of February 1, 2024, both Yamaha and Honda have established dedicated websites to keep enthusiasts informed about what they'll be bringing to the 2024 Japanese Motorcycle Show season. Here's what we know so far.

Yamaha Is Looking For Photos Of You And Your Bike Ahead Of The Shows

Yamaha is even asking fans to submit photos of themselves with their Yamaha bikes, so they can create a giant mosaic to display at their booth during the shows. The official request period for selfies with your bike opened on January 31, 2024 and will run through February 25, 2024, so be sure to get yours in before time is up if you want to be included. You'll find the submission form and instructions at the Yamaha link in our Sources.

Here's The List Of What Yamaha Is Bringing (So Far)

Yamaha also provided a list of models that it plans to display during the three 2024 motorcycle shows in Japan. They are:

  • 2024 Yamaha YZF-R125/R15
  • 2024 Yamaha YZF-R25
  • 2024 Yamaha YZF-R7
  • 2024 Yamaha YZF-R1
  • 2024 Yamaha MT-125
  • 2024 Yamaha MT-03
  • 2024 Yamaha MT-07
  • 2024 Yamaha MT-09 (new release)
  • 2024 Yamaha MT-10
  • 2024 Yamaha XSR125
  • 2024 Yamaha XSR700
  • 2024 Yamaha XSR900
  • 2024 Yamaha XSR900GP (new release)
  • 2024 Yamaha Tracer9 GT+
  • 2024 Yamaha Niken GT
  • 2024 Yamaha XMAX
  • 2024 Yamaha TMAX
  • 2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700
  • 2024 Yamaha E01

Here's What Honda Could Be Bringing To The 2024 Osaka, Tokyo, And Nagoya Motorcycle Shows

Although Honda has opened a website dedicated to show preview news ahead of the 2024 Japanese Motorcycle Show season, so far it hasn't posted a confirmed model lineup as of February 1, 2024.

However, there are at least two new things that could appear. While both of them are definitely coming to the Japanese market, so far they have yet to appear in any official capacity just yet.

2024 Honda CB650R and CBR650R

2024 Honda CBR650R and CB650R with E-Clutch

The first is the new 2024 Honda CB650R and CBR650R with E-Clutch. Both bikes were shown to the world for the first time at EICMA 2023, along with the E-Clutch system.

While this system will actuate the clutch as needed to prevent E-Clutch-outfitted bikes from stalling, riders can also choose to manually engage with the clutch at the level they choose. This makes it different from some other clutch-assist systems, and is something that Honda envisions as being helpful to riders at all skill levels (including new riders).

Honda GB350 C (Japan)

Honda GB350 C, announced by Honda Japan as "coming soon" mere hours after it was first introduced as the Honda CB350 in India.

Will this be where Honda officially takes the covers off the GB350 C in Japan? Shortly after Honda India introduced this bike as the CB350 (to differentiate it from the H'Ness CB350, which doesn't have the color-matched fork shrouds), Honda Japan took to its Instagram page just a few hours later to show off the image you see directly above. It features different colors than the ones offered at launch in India.

We can't say for sure what Honda is thinking, but we look forward to finding out in the coming weeks. Check back for updates, as we'll be sure to post more information when we have it.

Are you planning to attend the 2024 Osaka, Tokyo, or Nagoya Motorcycle Shows? If so, what are you looking forward most to seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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