As cool as electric vehicles have become in recent years, it’s undeniable that China’s role in the industry simply can’t go unnoticed. It’s a well-known fact that a lot of the minerals that go into the batteries of today’s electric vehicles are mined and processed in China. As such, China is home to some of the biggest EV battery specialists on the planet.

Companies like BYD are driving battery tech and electric cars forward, and this is true not only in the electric car space. We previously talked about Singapore-based electric motorcycle startup Scorpio and its sporty and futuristic X1 electric scooter. Scorpio just recently inked a deal with BYD to help introduce the brand’s electric two-wheelers in the ASEAN market. BYD has proven to be one of the strongest players in the EV scene, having a strong sales network all across Southeast Asia. Chances are Scorpio will be leveraging BYD’s network to expand its reach in the market.

Scorpio Electric Is Now Testing Pre-Production Prototypes Of The X1 Electric Scooter

Scorpio is focusing on key markets within Southeast Asia for its expansion. A report by Nikkei Asia states that the company is eyeing Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, all countries that are quickly adopting the shift to electric. More notably, we’ve seen a spike in electric mobility adoption in key markets like Indonesia, thanks largely to Maka Motors, as well as in the Philippines, following Taiwan-based Gogoro’s entry into the country.

Apart, of course, from leveraging BYD’s large network across multiple markets, talks are reportedly underway to incorporate BYD’s battery technology into Scorpio’s electric two-wheelers. Making use of tried and tested tech from a trusted battery manufacturer will not only ensure reliable performance and efficiency, but also build trust among consumers looking to give e-mobility a try.

To streamline the entire process, Scorpio has established headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the same place where BYD is headquartered. It was reported that this move was done so as to conduct quality control on production output. It’s indeed a smart move for Scorpio, as Singapore has a nearly non-existent automotive industry simply due to the high cost of vehicle ownership and the ultra-efficient public transport system in the small country.

At present, Scorpio’s X1 is the only model that’s close to making it to production. Catering to the premium segment, it boasts impressive tech and performance with a 10-kilowatt electric motor capable of propelling the scooter to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. Nikkei Asia does report, however, that more mass-market models will be under development in partnership with BYD, as the company hopes to achieve a scalable business model to cater to the varying needs of the ASEAN market.

Scorpio Electric Is Now Testing Pre-Production Prototypes Of The X1 Electric Scooter
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