Nerva, a Spanish company specializing in electric mobility, is one of the newer players in the electric two-wheeler game. It’s newest scooter, the Exe, appears to be a full-size maxi-scooter, and features a unique electric powertrain highlighted by the use of LFP batteries. While Lithium Ion batteries have become the norm, LFPs look to elevate performance, reliability, and safety even higher.

The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries found in the Nerva Exe scooter come from one of the biggest battery technology companies in the world, BYD. You may be familiar with BYD as the Chinese manufacturer of plug-in hybrid cars. Aside from the automotive industry, BYD’s main revenue stream comes in the form of developing and manufacturing high-quality batteries for use across multiple industries. With electrification gradually becoming the norm, it’s not surprising that the company is investing big time in new technology to further enhance the performance of its batteries.

New Nerva Exe Electric Scooter Gets LFP Batteries From BYD

So, what exactly do LFP batteries have over traditional power cells? Well, for starters, LFP batteries have a positive pole that's made of lithium iron phosphate. This gives the batteries increased fire protection, as well as a higher charging capacity. Reports suggest that LFP batteries are capable of up to three times as many charging cycles as that of conventional batteries. There is, however, one drawback, and that’s weight. LFP batteries tend to produce lower energy density and voltage as compared to that of Lithium Ion cells. This means that more cells are required in order to compensate for this deficit, resulting in a heavy machine.

Indeed, Nerva’s Exe tips the scales at a whopping 227 kilograms—even heavier than some 1000cc bikes. Its overall performance figures aren’t that impressive either. With just 12.1 kW of peak power, expect it to be capable of a top speed of little more than 60 miles per hour. It’s massive proportions however, are not solely attributed to the batteries. Clearly, Nerva has designed the Exe as a well-equipped maxi-scooter. From the images alone, it certainly looks bigger, taller, and wider than any 125cc equivalent electric scooter. It is, in fact, larger than the Yamaha XMAX, considered by many as a full-fledged maxi-scooter.

The Nerva Exe offers a variety of creature comforts, such as the ability to store two helmets under the seat. The cockpit does, however, feature a rather rudimentary analog speedometer, but it gets a nifty real-time kW reading. A five-inch display provides other pertinent information, too. The scooter is equipped with four riding modes, a combined braking system, and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. Nerva is expected to roll out the Exe in Spain very soon. It will be built in China, so we can expect it to be offered at an attractive price tag. A Nerva dealer network has yet to be set up, but we can expect this to change later on this year.

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