In November, 2021, Singaporean EV startup Scorpio Electric pulled the covers off its first model, the X1. Back then, still in concept form, the Scorpio X1 looked like an electric evocation of the growing maxi-scooter trend. Now, some two years after unveiling it as a design concept, scooters – electric scooters in particular – have witnessed substantial growth especially in the European market.

That being said, Scorpio Electric recently announced a big development about the X1. In the recently concluded Nexus Europe 2023 Conference in Madrid, Spain, Scorpio Electric explained that it was in the process of completing Pre-Production Prototypes (PPR) of its X1 scooter. A recent article by electric mobility publication The PACK explains that these models would then go through more testing, and eventually be certified through a partnership with Shenzhen BYD Electronics.

Scorpio Electric Is Now Testing Pre-Production Prototypes Of The X1 Electric Scooter

In terms of specifications, the Scorpio X1 electric scooter isn’t all too different from other electric two-wheelers we’ve seen in recent years. It’s substantially more powerful than a lot of them, though, as it’s rocking an electric motor with 10 kilowatts on nominal power output, or about 13 horsepower. This puts it at par with 125cc gasoline scooters in terms of performance, but real world performance is likely much stronger, as electric motors produce peak power all throughout the rev range. Here, the scooter’s top speed is limited to 65 miles per hour.

As for technology, we’re looking at a 72-volt, 5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that offers a rather impressive range of 200 kilometers, or 125 miles, on a single charge. It takes about three hours to charge the battery to 90 percent, using a Type 2, 1.5-kilowatt AC charger.

Regarding availability, we can expect Scorpio to release the production version of the X1 sometime in 2024, assuming everything regarding testing and certification goes smoothly. Additionally, the brand has confirmed that it will be participating in EICMA 2023, slated to take place from November 7 to 12, 2023, in Milan, Italy. More than likely, substantial developments surrounding the X1 scooter will have been made by then.

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