The updated 2024 Kawasaki KLX230 S and KLX230SM ABS are here for your trails, your streets, and everything in between. Besides the expected paint and graphics updates that come with just about every new model year, the 2024 KLX230 S gets a suspension update, while the KLX230 SM gets a new seat, in addition to an LED headlight. Let's take a look.

The 2024 Kawasaki KLX230 S

2024 Kawasaki KLX230 S

Powered by Kawasaki's air-cooled four-stroke 233cc single-cylinder engine, the KLX230 S makes a claimed 13.2 pound-feet of torque at 6,400 rpm. It's mated to a six-speed gearbox.

For 2024, the KLX230 S gets a rear subframe redesign, which helps allow for longer rear wheel travel while still keeping good ground reach in reach for the rider. It has a 53.7-inch wheelbase and a full 9.5 inches of ground clearance.

Suspension-wise, you'll find a 37mm telescopic front fork with 7.9 inches of suspension travel, with a rear Uni-Trak linkage offering 8.9 inches of travel out back with preload adjustability. The revised aluminum swingarm, Kawasaki says, drops about 2.6 pounds over the weight of the previous generation swingarm.

The 2024 KLX230 S rides on a 21-inch front and an 18-inch rear wheel. It's available in both ABS and non-ABS versions, and has petal disc brakes front and rear. The brakes differ slightly between the ABS and non-ABS versions, with the ABS version having a 265mm front brake disc and the non-ABS version having a 240mm front brake disc instead. In both cases, a 220mm rear brake disc does the job.

Seat height is a more approachable 33.2 inches. Curb weight is 293.2 pounds. LCD instrumentation and smartphone connectivity via Kawasaki's Rideology The App comes standard on this bike.

The 2024 Kawasaki KLX230 SM

2024 Kawasaki KLX230SM - Studio - Right Side

The 2024 Kawasaki KLX230 SM benefits from the same engine, ergonomics, and subframe changes as the 2024 KLX230 S, but adds a more supermoto-oriented character to the proceedings. 

Instead of the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels found on the KLX230 S, you'll find a pair of 17-inch wheels at both ends on the 2024 Kawasaki KLX230 SM. As for brakes, a 300mm semi-floating petal front disc does the job up front, while a single 220mm rear disc handles things in the rear. 

Suspension-wise, you get an inverted 37mm front fork, as well as the Uni-Trak rear linkage that's also found on the KLX230 S. Spring settings are a bit stiffer to account for the road-biased nature of this machine. Similarly, the footpegs on the SM have rubber pads to reflect their street orientation.

A new LED headlight, a two-toned and flattened-out saddle, and a redesigned tank/shroud/cowl unit complete the KLX230 SM package for 2024. 

Pricing, Colors, and Availability

Kawasaki sells its bikes in multiple markets around the world. As such, pricing and availability may vary based on your geography. For the most accurate information in your area, your best bet is to reach out to your local Kawasaki dealer with any questions you may have.

In the US, pricing and availability for the 2024 KLX230 S and 2024 KLX230 SM is as follows:

Bike Colors US MSRP Availability
2024 Kawasaki KLX230 S Lime Green, Battle Gray $4,999 Now (as of January 23, 2024)
2024 Kawasaki KLX230 S ABS Lime Green, Battle Gray $5,299 Now (as of January 23, 2024)
2024 Kawasaki KLX230 SM ABS Battle Gray $5,599 Now (as of January 23, 2024)

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