Intermot is considered as one of the biggest motorcycle shows in Europe. While not exactly sporting the same grand magnitude as that of EICMA, Intermot, held in Germany, is nevertheless a big event where motorcycle manufacturers showcase their latest innovations for the succeeding model year. Up until now, Intermot was held every other year. Interestingly, that’s about to change.

Intermot first opened its doors back in 1998, where it was held in Munich, Germany. The event was conceptualized as a one-stop-shop for motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers, and of course, enthusiasts, to converge and showcase their latest innovations. Usually, developments and prototypes showcased at Intermot would make their way to production in the year that followed. As the years went by, Intermot expanded its reach beyond the European market, attracting global players to showcase their newest products in the industry.

Given the rapid growth of the electric and mobility industries, it seems that there’s just too much innovation for Intermot to be held biennially. Indeed, from 2024, Intermot will now be a yearly event, bringing more frequent excitement to motorcycle enthusiasts from all across Europe. On top of that, Intermot will now be held in December, more specifically, December 5 to 8, 2024, to better align with the winter season, and setting the stage for an exciting succeeding model-year that will kick off in spring.

On top of that, Intermot’s new schedule aligns with riders taking a winter break, and perhaps considering their next bikes for the upcoming riding season. What better way to decide than to get up close and personal with the upcoming model releases for the coming year, right? Indeed, admiring a bike’s specs on paper is one thing, but seeing the bike in the metal and getting to swing a leg over it is a whole different experience – one that surely helps riders make better, more educated decisions.

Given the new schedule changes, Kölnmesse, Intermot’s organizer, and the event’s sponsor, the German Motorcycle Industry Association, are looking forward to deliver an elevated experience to enthusiasts and prospective consumers. Interestingly, a good number of motorcycle manufacturers with strong operations in the German and neighboring European markets have showed their support. More specifically, BMW Motorrad Germany, Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., and Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., have already confirmed their participation in this year’s Intermot.

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