Here in the northern hemisphere, the winter months are well upon us when Christmas finally rolls around. While there are pine trees aplenty, just about everything else on our side of the equator is sadly nowhere near the vibrant green it usually is the rest of the year. Combined with the dreary winter weather, it can all be a bit depressing, to say the least.

We're not at all sure whether that has anything to do with why Kawasaki opted to put out a line of Christmas goodies in the UK in 2023. Still, it's hard to deny that Kawasaki's signature electric lime green color is a bit of welcome brightness in an otherwise dull winter season.

Sure, there are Christmas trees (both real and artificial), but those are a dark, serious green. The Kawasaki green is bright and playful, which is just the kind of mood you want to help lift your spirits into a better mood for celebrating.

Gallery: Kawasaki Christmas Decorations

What kinds of decorations are there? For those who like the softer side of holiday traditions, you'll find both a Kawasaki stocking to hang by your chimney with care, and also a plush green Santa-esque hat to stick on your head. Both these plush items also have the standard Kawasaki name logo on them.

If you want something a little more fun, there's always the black, white, and green holiday tinsel pack. It comes with all the colors intact, in lengths of four meters (a little over 13 feet) apiece. 

There are also your standard ball ornaments, only done in Kawasaki colors and made of plastic. If you're after individual ornaments to hang on your tree instead, you'll find three different hand-blown glass variations available. There's a motorcycle, a jet ski, and an ATV, each sold separately.

I've saved my personal favorite for last, because it's so good, you may just want to hang it up for year-round decoration and not leave it until the next holiday. It's a string of green Kawasaki motorcycle-shaped twinkly lights. Instead of the usual bulbs, these lights have been formed into the shape of motorcycles, all in that distinctive Kawasaki green. 

Sadly for US fans, none of this stuff appears to be available in the Kawasaki US online store. However, if you're in the UK, now is your chance to grab it. We don't know how many there are, nor what the future holds. So, if you want any of these, you'd probably be well advised to move quickly.

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