Electric motorcycles are reshaping the off-road landscape thanks to their silent operation and instantaneous torque. Electric off-roaders could very well be the saving grace of off-road riders, particularly in Europe, where regulations surrounding noise are pushing more and more bikes off the trails. That said, new models catering to the enthusiast market – whether electric or ICE – are always a good thing in my book.

One of the newest electric dual-sports comes to us from a company called Alien Rides. The San Francisco-based electric mobility specialist has just unveiled the Moto X, an electric dirtbike that focuses on fun and enjoyment. Like most other electric off-roaders on the market, the Moto X promises instantaneous power delivery translating to an exhilarating ride. AR says that the bike has a top speed of 70 miles per hour, and delivers a good old fashioned riding experience thanks to a four-speed gearbox complete with a clutch.

Alien Rides’ Moto X Electric Dirtbike Has Gears And A Clutch

The motor is a DC permanent magnet synchronous motor with a three-kilowatt nominal power output. Max power, however, is a healthy 16 kilowatts, translating to around 21.4 horsepower in ICE speak. As for the bike’s battery, AR fitted the Moto X with a powerful 72-volt, 60-ampere-hour battery pack that promises a range of up to 49 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, it takes just four hours to fully charge the battery. The bike is equipped with an ANT Smart Battery Management System (BMS) with smartphone integration via a dedicated app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

While other electric dirtbikes focus solely on off-road applications, the Moto X promises to be a loyal companion both on and off road. Alien Rides says that the bike is in fact street legal, and owners have the option to register the bike as it complies with US DOT regulations. This means that the Moto X gets headlights, turn signals, and a digital speedometer. There’s also a hydraulic braking system front and rear. To make things even better, AR is set to offer street-focused wheels and tires by mid-December, allowing Moto X owners to transform their dirtbikes into roadgoing electric supermotos.

As for pricing and availability, the AR Moto X carries quite a hefty price tag of $7,500. Those looking to enjoy fast-charging capabilities can also purchase a fast charger as an optional extra. On top of that, AR notes that a $400 shipping fee must be paid on top of the retail price. However, free local pickup is available in San Francisco. Read more about this punchy electric dual-sport in Alien Rides’ official website.

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