If there’s one thing we can pick up from EICMA 2023, it’s that electric two-wheelers are here, and they’re here to stay. A lot of new and established manufacturers are showcasing their electric mobility solutions in the expo, and it’s interesting to see all sorts of new concepts that have the potential to shape the future of the two-wheeled landscape.

Horwin is a brand we’ve talked about on multiple occasions before, and of course, it didn’t let the opportunity to showcase its latest innovations at EICMA pass it by. The Austrian-designed Chinese-made company showcased what it calls “Project Horizon,” a design and development initiative that focuses on a seamless user experience. The project was developed in collaboration with custom bike builder Arjan van der Boom, and centers around the brand’s Senmenti 0 electric scooter.

Horwin Unveils “Project Horizon” For Sustainable Mobility In Europe

According to Wendsor Zhou, the Founder and CEO of Horwin Group, Project Horizon is in line with the brand’s vision of a sustainable future. “Project Horizon is a natural extension of our mission to accelerate society’s journey to a sustainable future - working together with the rider communities to improve two-wheeled mobility while reducing its impact on the environment,” he said in the company’s official press statement.

Project Horizon was presented as a collaboration between Europe’s riders, mobility innovators, as well as Horwin’s designers and engineers. The goal is to come up with an urban mobility solution that’s practical, efficient, stylish, and loaded with tech. Arjan van der Boom knows a thing or two about style and tech, as he’s the founder of Ironwood Custom Motorcycles. The new custom Senmenti 0 is expected to hit showroom floors by 2024, and will command quite a hefty price tag of 14,900 euros, or about $15,957 USD.

Horwin Unveils “Project Horizon” For Sustainable Mobility In Europe

In terms of performance, the custom Senmenti 0 shares a lot in common with the concept unveiled in 2022. It’s powered by a powerful electric motor with up to 600 Nm (420 pound-feet) of torque, which is then paired to a 16.2 kilowatt-hour battery pack that promises an impressive range of up to 300 kilometers (186 miles) on a single charge when driven at an average speed of 88 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour).

Kevin Liu, the Co-Founder and COO of Horwin, explained that embracing new practices and technologies is essential in the development of the brand towards the future. “To create products for the sustainable future, we must defy the old, closed system of developing products in isolation of the riders and the communities that will benefit from them," he stated "We're partnering with experts and riders like Arjan who bring a fresh perspective to products, and with mobility innovators to ensure that our work goes well beyond making better products to making the world around us better overall," he concluded.

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