CFMoto is fast becoming one of the most recognizable motorcycle brands in the industry, and by far one of the most respected to come out of China. At EICMA 2023, the brand proved this and more by showcasing a myriad of impressive models targeting all disciplines of motorcycling. We previously talked about the impressive 450MT adventure bike, as well as the rugged, rally-inspired MT-X Concept that accompanied it.

Now, let’s take a look at a more approachable option targeted to the beginner segment. CFMoto’s NK series has been a mainstay in its lineup, with models catering to riders of all skill levels. At present, the 800NK stands as the flagship model, boasting power and technology taken straight from KTM’s LC8c engine (CFMoto doesn’t keep this a secret at all). This time around, CFMoto has unveiled a striking new concept that could change the game in the beginner market: the 125NK Concept.

CFMoto 125NK Concept

In a similar fashion to that of the MT-X Concept, CFMoto did very little to disclose the exact specifications of the 125NK Concept. However, from the name itself, as well as the markets where CFMoto operates, it’s easy to deduce just what kind of performance this bike will be bringing to the table. More than likely, we’ll be seeing a 125cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine outputting no more than 15 horsepower – the recognized limit when it comes to power output for A1-restricted two-wheelers.

It is, however, in the technology side of the equation that CFMoto can go crazy with the 125NK Concept. Indeed, from its looks alone, it seems that this is well and truly the case. Stylistically, the 125NK Concept borrows a lot of styling cues from the NK-C22 Concept which eventually became the 800NK. Head on, the 125NK Concept looks very much like its bigger siblings, so beginner riders who have fallen in love with the ultra-futuristic sporty styling of the NK series will surely be pleased.


Up front, we find a sleek and menacing fascia equipped with a signature LED headlight, while the inclusion of an air duct on the front wheel (surely more for show than anything else) is a nod to the bike’s performance-inspired styling. Of course, there’s no exact date as to when this bike will hit the market, as it’s still just a concept. However, if there’s something we’ve come to know about the folks at CFMoto, it’s that they work really fast to bring their models to market.

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