In September 2023, BMW unveiled what many considered a long overdue refresh of its flagship GS model. Redesigned pretty much from the ground up, the new BMW R 1300 GS is set to take the ADV world by storm. That being said, aftermarket specialists have wasted no time in developing new products for the new adventurer.

In the ADV world, few brands carry as much recognition as Touratech. It’s all in the name; the German brand is all about accessories and upgrades focused on making touring and adventure bikes better at their job. In the case of the new BMW R 1300 GS, Touratech covers all the bases, releasing accessories designed for both touring and off-road riding.

Touratech BMW R 1300 GS - Skid Plate
Touratech BMW R 1300 GS - Engine Protector

To start with, the Sport engine crash bar is designed to protect the all-new 1300 Boxer engine in the event of a tip over or slide. It absorbs impact and sliding forces, while still ensuring the bike has enough leaning ability to tackle corners spiritedly. Meanwhile, Classic the engine guard protects not only the engine, but also the fairings, bodywork, and radiator, while also having an option for a reinforcement strut for even more protection.

Up next, the Expedition is designed specifically for riders who want to maximize their bike’s off-road performance. According to Touratech, the Expedition has been proven over millions of kilometers on previous models, and is now optimized specifically for the R 1300 GS. It’s made out of four-millimeter thick aluminum sheet, ensuring even the most rugged of terrain won’t cause any damage to the engine’s otherwise vulnerable underbelly.

Touratech BMW R 1300 GS - Side Panniers
Touratech BMW R 1300 GS - Rear Rack

With the protective accessories out of the way, let’s take a look at the luggage options Touratech has to offer for the BMW R 1300 GS. For starters, the brand has a stainless steel pannier rack on offer, and makes note that BMW doesn’t offer one as standard. The design features Touratech’s patented connecting elements, as well as 3D lugs for extra durability and reduced weight. It maintains the bike’s slim profile while being completely compatible with a selection of panniers. Speaking of panniers, Touratech offers aluminum panniers with various sizes and capacities, as well as the Zega top case and luggage rack.

When it comes to availability, all of the Touratech accessories for the new BMW R 1300 GS are now available via the brand’s official website. Touratech states that the product catalog for the new GS will only grow, as it develops more solutions to the changing needs of ADV enthusiasts. That being said, for accurate pricing information, please visit Touratech’s official website linked below, as pricing may vary depending on your region.

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