When Yamaha debuted the Ténéré 700 in 2019, it dropped a bombshell, albeit a long overdue one, on the middleweight adventure segment. Now, in 2023, the T7 remains a force to be reckoned with, despite newer players from European manufacturers overtaking it in terms of performance and technology. Nevertheless, Yamaha is determined to keep the Ténéré 700 on top of its game with its newest release.

According to Yamaha, the newly unveiled Ténéré 700 Extreme is aimed at riders with a knack for off-road riding, in particular, with experience in motocross and enduro riding. As such, the Ténéré 700 Extreme trumps the standard T7, and yes, even the T7 World Raid, in terms of sheer off-road performance. To put that into perspective, the Ténéré 700 Extreme boasts 20 millimeters more suspension travel front and rear. Even more impressively, the 43 millimeter front forks get a fancy Kashima coating that reduces friction and ensures durability.

2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700 Extreme - Left Side

As a result, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Extreme may not be for everyone, particularly shorter riders, as it has the highest seat height of all T7 iterations. Those of you familiar with the T7 would know that it already has quite a tall seat height (especially if you’re like me, standing at 5ft 7in). That being said, the Ténéré 700 Extreme has a tall seat height of 35.8 inches, or 910 millimeters. It also has the tallest ground clearance of all T7s with 10.2 inches, or 260 millimeters.

When it comes to technology, the Ténéré 700 Extreme continues to be powered by Yamaha’s highly acclaimed CP2 engine, which takes the form of a 689cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine with a crossplane (270-degree) crankshaft. Other fancy components exclusive to the Extreme include large titanium, footpegs with 35 percent more surface area, as well as an aluminum radiator protector and a flat one-piece rally saddle. The bike also flaunts a tall enduro front fender for a more rally-esque look.

2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700 Extreme - Engine
2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700 Extreme - Front Fairing, Fork

Yamaha has given the Ténéré 700 Extreme a rally-ready instrument cluster. The five-inch, full-color TFT display is oriented vertically and includes three different themes, including a Rally Raid-style display complete with navigation. There’s also a trip switch conveniently positioned on the left side switch cluster.

In terms of pricing and availability, Yamaha has yet to announce the pricing of the Ténéré 700 Extreme. That being said, the model has been confirmed for the European market for the 2024 model-year. It’s expected to be sold in Yamaha’s instantly recognizable Icon Blue colorway. All that being said, the Ténéré 700 Extreme has yet to be confirmed for the US market, but if and when it does, expect it to retail for a slightly higher price than the standard T7’s $10,799 MSRP.

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