It goes without saying that our boots play an important role when it comes to our safety when we’re on the road on two wheels. Most of the time, we buy our motorcycle boots because of their style or comfort, oftentimes taking for granted the technology incorporated into them designed to keep our feet in one piece should things go sideways.

Indeed, there are many brands of motorcycle boots on the market today, and Sidi is one of the many trusted Italian brands with a noteworthy track record. The Italian footwear specialist has a wide selection of boots encompassing all disciplines of motorcycling, and now, it hopes to establish a stronger presence in the US market thanks to an exclusive distributorship agreement with Helmet House.

Sidi Offroad

Helmet House has been in the motorcycle industry for more than 50 years, and is responsible for, you guessed it, distributing motorcycle helmets around the US. Indeed, Helmet House is the exclusive distributor of Shoei, one of the most trusted helmet brands in the world, and now it can add Sidi, a highly regarded motorcycle footwear specialist, to its portfolio.

In a press release, the CEO of Sidi Sport, Davide Rossetti, expressed his excitement towards the company’s new partnership with Helmet House, “We are super excited about this relationship with HH (Helmet House). We have known the leadership for years, and they are a great team. Their high level of service is a great match with our premium products. Together we are looking forward to building an exclusive relationship with dealers and riders in the USA.”

Specific to the US market, Helmet House hopes to expand Sidi’s dealership network. The company also extends its gratitude to the brand’s loyal partners and enthusiasts who have shown their support for the brand over the years. As mentioned earlier, Sidi has quite a wide selection of offerings for motorcyclists, and all of them are now available via Helmet House’s official website linked in the sources below. There, you can browse a selection of adventure/touring, racing/sport, and off-road/enduro boots.

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