It goes without saying that enduro riding is tons of fun, but the fact that a lot of enduros on the market are not street legal could be a barrier to entry for a lot of riders. Luckily, there are quite a few models that bridge this gap, offering street-legality while still providing a potent off-road package.

Beta is a household name in the world of off-road riding, with the Italian marque boasting quite an impressive track record both in racing and from a consumer standpoint. In the US market, the company has just refreshed its road-legal range of dual-sports in the form of the RS. Previously called the RR-S, Beta has renamed the model range simply to RS, and offers it in four engine sizes: 350, 390, 430, and 500.

2024 Beta RS - Left Front Quarter

The new Beta RS model range is built on the same platform as the performance-oriented RR models, so we can expect similar levels of performance and capability, albeit with added extras to make the bikes street legal. For instance, the models receive a redesigned license plate holder, as well as a tail light, turn signals, and rear view mirrors. Nevertheless, their bodywork is reminiscent of the RR models, and so they exude that unmistakable Beta aesthetic.

When it comes to tech enhancements, the new Beta RS models feature redesigned radiators that increase the bike’s lock-to-lock turning radius. Furthermore, a softer, reshaped saddle improves rider comfort on longer rides – a noteworthy enhancement considering it can be quite a long ride for some riders to reach their trails. The front brake receives an upgrade, too, in the form of a new hose, and the front suspension has been tuned to provide a smoother ride.

2024 Beta RS - Headlight
2024 Beta RS - Instrument Cluster

Across the board, the 2024 Beta RS models come standard with the Trail Tech Voyager GPS. This compact device provides the rider with a breadth of information such as total mileage, speed and rev counter, engine temperature, ambient temperature, and even a battery voltage meter. Electric starting, electronic fuel-injection, and fully adjustable suspension round out the technology package of the new bikes, as well.

As for pricing and availability, the new Beta RS models command quite a premium, as has always been the case with the Italian manufacturer The smallest of the bunch is the 350, which retails for $11,499. The 390 version carries a sticker price of $11,599, while the 430 and 500 models will set you back $11,699 and $11,799 respectively. The new models are now available for order through US Beta dealers. For more information, get in touch with your local Beta dealer, or check out their website in the link below.

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