If you love the AGV Pista GP RR helmet, but just wish it had a little more of a sunny metallic glint to it, then you’ll want to know about AGV’s latest limited edition Pista GP RR variant. It’s called the Pista GP RR Oro (which means ‘gold’ in Italian). It’s an exclusive limited-edition model, and only 3,000 will ever be made. 

The shell, which is available in four sizes, is crafted from 100 percent carbon fiber. Other features include ECE 22.06, FIM, and DOT safety homologation, metal air vents, a hydration system, titanium D rings, a low weight of 1,450 grams (about 3.19 pounds), and of course the 5mm thick Ultravision visor.  

AGV also utilizes its exclusive 360-degree Adaptive Fit system to allow each rider to select their ideal thicknesses of padding for each area inside the helmet. Everyone’s head is a little bit different, and some riders may require thinner or thicker cheek pads, top-of-head padding, or padding at the nape of the neck. AGV understands this, which is what the dialed-in fit on its MotoGP-derived Pista GP RR is all about. 

Gallery: AGV Pista GP RR Oro

Additional details on the limited-edition AGV Pista GP RR Oro include a special brushed metal finish on the AGV logo and a detachable, matte black Pro spoiler. The visor comes with Max Vision Pinlock included, and the visor operational mechanism is metal—not plastic.  

Pricing and Availability 

The AGV Pista GP RR Oro is available through the AGV website or your local authorized AGV dealer. The In the US, the MSRP is $1,924.95. In Europe, it’s € 1.815. Keep in mind that this is a limited-edition helmet, so how long it will be available depends entirely on how quickly all 3,000 available units sell out to AGV’s global customer base. 

As is the case with all motorcycle gear makers and manufacturers that sell the same model in different markets, your best bet for the most accurate pricing and availability information in your area is to reach out to your nearest authorized AGV dealer. They should be able to answer any questions you have about the Pista GP RR Oro or any other AGV helmets or related products that catch your interest. 

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