Italian brand Beta is best known for its off-road models and success in the world of enduro and motocross. In the European market, Beta has launched the RX 300, a model designed for competitive motocross. Meanwhile, the RX 300 has been around in the U.S. market since 2021. Needless to say, the updated RX 300 brings a lot to the table, as it’s designed as a motocross machine rather than an enduro bike. Let’s take a look at some of the details.

In terms of technology, the RX 300 is equipped with a 300cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine fitted with a host of performance-oriented enhancements. For example, the engine gets a higher compression ratio, and a square bore and stroke of 72 x 72 millimeters. The crankshaft, too, has been redesigned, and is lighter thanks to a smaller diameter. This also gives the engine more linear power, and the ability to spin up faster. Valve timing can also be fine tuned by the rider, depending on their riding preferences and the conditions of the track.

Beta Updates The RX 300 Motocross Machine For The European Market

The new Beta RX 300 also gets a new clutch that’s completely adjustable to deliver precise power to the rear wheel. Derived from the RR models, the clutch springs have three points of preload adjustability for quick and easy tuning. In terms of suspension, the new Beta RX 300 is equipped with fully adjustable suspension components from Kayaba. Up front, a long-travel 48-millimeter inverted fork provides longer travel than the RR 300 enduro model. Meanwhile, the rear shock, also fully adjustable, has been tuned to handle motocross terrain more effectively.

As for underpinnings, the Beta RX 300’s frame is similar to that of the RR 300 enduro model. The bike rolls on 21-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels shod in Michelin Starcross 6 tires. It comes to a stop with 260-millimeter front and 240-millimeter rear Nissin brakes. Over in the cockpit, Beta has reduced the RX 300’s electronics to a minimum in order to keep operation as simple as possible. The electric starter switch is mounted on the right side of the handlebar, while the left side of the bar features the ignition kill switch. Furthermore, the bike features a lithium battery to reduce weight.

Last but not least, Beta adorns the new RX 300 with restyled graphics in classic Beta colors. European pricing has yet to be announced, however, availability is expected to begin before the end of June 2023.

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