Another graphic option is available for the HJC RPHA 1, otherwise known as the RPHA 1N here in the United States. The new graphic features Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker, whose smile now takes center stage on HJC’s top-spec FIM-Homologated lid. 

HJC is known for doing a lot of collaborations from Marvel Comics, to racers like Fabio Quartararo, and even big companies with racing teams like Red Bull. Apart from the aforementioned lot, HJC is also known to collaborate with DC Comics. No character is exempt from becoming a helmet from the DC roster, including the villains. 

The Joker’s first appearance on an HJC helmet was three years ago, on the then top-of-the-line sport helmet, the RPHA 11. Fast forward to today, and we get yet another special graphic featuring the villain but this time on the RPHA 1. I reviewed the RPHA 1 in its Red Bull graphic and was thoroughly impressed with what HJC has done. Apart from the sporty and aerodynamic profile, the solid construction, and even the respectable usability of the racing helmet, how the helmet takes a graphic is also one of the highlights that I couldn’t deny. 

FIM-Certified, ECE 22.06 approved and built for the race track, the HJC RPHA 1 is fit for purpose. Utilizing HJC’s Premium Integrated Matrix Plus shell that uses Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabrics, it creates a very protective and “Shock-Resistant” layer of protection for any rider on or off the track. Ventilation is also one of the lid’s strong points, helping to prevent visor fogging thanks to the Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS), and a Pinlock 120 Max Vision insert included in the box. 

Gallery: HJC RPHA 1 Joker

Apart from that, the helmet also comes with an optional clear spoiler in the box, quick-drying cool-comfort lining in the interior, emergency-release cheek pads, speaker pockets for comms systems, and eye-glass channels. You also get tear-off films in the box so you get straight to racing the moment that you get this lid out on track. 

As for the price of this helmet, currently, HJC Europe’s suggested retail price is 999 EUR and converted using today’s exchange rate, we’re looking at about $1,060 USD. Quite steep for a helmet, but rather reasonable considering the caliber of the model and the special Joker graphic to boot. Now the real question is, do we need to light the Bat Signal for HJC to come out with a graphic with Batman on it? 

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