If you’re someone who’s been lamenting the drab colors that seem to dominate many a motorcycle lineup in the 2020s, then you’re absolutely going to want to see the latest from Thailand’s Cub House Honda. There, a new color has just been announced for the CT125, and it’s a bold, bright yellow. 

While we’re pretty sure that it won’t supply your recommended daily value of vitamin D, the official color name is Yellow SunGlow. It’s a late addition to the 2023 roster in Thailand, joining the green, red, and gray colors that were previously introduced for that market.  

For some even better news about this color, it won’t cost buyers any extra money to choose. The current MSRP of a new 2023 Honda CT125 in Thailand is ฿ 88,900, no matter which color you choose—including the new Yellow SunGlow hue. That’s about $2,431 as of September 29, 2023—but keep in mind, CT125s are built at Honda’s Thai factory, so they don’t need to be transported very far to reach showroom floors. 

Gallery: 2023 Honda CT125 - Yellow SunGlow

The 2023 CT125 features an LED headlight, ABS, a rear carrier, and disc brakes. Even though it’s essentially just a color refresh, Thai Honda also saw fit to shoot a short ad that showcases the new look—but it also does a great job capturing the essence of what the CT125 is about. 

Although there’s a little bit of spoken Thai in the ad, the visual storytelling is both compelling and universal enough that it’s easy to understand even if you don’t speak Thai. It opens on a guy who’s sitting at his computer, stuck in a nondescript office building, typing away in his cubicle. He’s surrounded by other employees who are all wrapped up in their own dreary office work as well. 

Next, we see him having a vision (or maybe a memory) of himself in hiking boots, with a hiking pole. He briefly sees a babbling stream rushing by, out somewhere in nature. As his focus shifts, he comes to at the water cooler in his office, and the cup in his hand is overflowing because he spaced out thinking about that stream. 

After that, just about every experience he continues to have at work seems to take him back to being outdoors, camping, and enjoying nature. He needs to escape—after all, the name of this video and the theme of this campaign is “Time to Trail.” We see him exit the cubicle farm and walk to his new, yellow CT125. Soon, he’s geared up, exiting the parking facility, and on his way for a fun time camping in nature with his friends. 

No matter what you ride, we hope you’re having as good or better of a time this weekend. Escape. Recharge. Hydrate (yourself, the bike through a water crossing, your choice).

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