Riding is a great way to get to know yourself and test your limits, particularly when you’re feeling introspective. That’s the tone of the third Seeker film in what’s now a trilogy of impressively shot shorts starring Pol Tarrés. The one-of-a-kind hard enduro rider regularly makes tossing his middleweight Yamaha Ténéré 700 around like it’s a dirt bike look much easier than it would be for us mere mortals, and this video is no exception. 

This time, the Echevarria brothers, Tarrés, and everyone else involved in the making of this film visited the breathtaking desert landscapes of Morocco. Once again, actor and motorcycle enthusiast Ahikar Azcona joined in the journey—though this video doesn’t feature a narrative storyline like the Seeker 2 did

Billed as a love letter to Morocco, the film was shot around the team’s participation in the 2023 Morocco Desert Challenge. Tarrés finished third in the event with a total time of 23 hours, 41 minutes, and nine seconds. Rui Gonçalves finished in second place with a time of 22 hours, 13 minutes, and 58 seconds, and Lorenzo Santolino won the event with a time of 22 hours, eight minutes, and nine seconds. All that is cool—but of course, secondary to the film shot along the way. 

The story this time was that there was no story. The Seeker, as Tarrés is billed, simply spent his free time exploring on his bike. From tiny ledges to sand to a completely mad jump across a canyon that they did just one time (because if you got it right the first time, you wouldn’t want to chance it a second), there’s no real narrative here because it’s about living in the moment. It’s about Tarrés exercising his existing, already formidable skill set—and then pushing just a little bit harder to see if he can do more. Hence, that canyon. 

On September 8, 2023, the deadliest earthquake to hit Morocco since 1960 killed over 2,000 people and injured many more. The quake’s magnitude was 6.8 according to the US Geological Survey, and at least 300,000 people were directly impacted according to the World Health Organization. The Echevarrias and Pol Tarrés have dedicated this film to the Moroccan people in the wake of this disaster. 

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