As motorcyclists, everything we do generally revolves around the two-wheeled lifestyle. Even when we’re not riding, we think about bikes, our next ride, what our next upgrade should be, and generally anything about motorcycles. Likewise, for motorcyclists who are also parents, it can be really exciting to share our passion for two wheels with our little ones.

Sure, there are lots of kid-focused mini-bikes available on the market today. However, should you and your youngster be looking for a less active engagement that doesn’t necessitate you getting out of your pajamas, consider this new coloring book from none other than Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Has A Coloring Book Featuring Our Favorite Motorcycles And More
Kawasaki Has A Coloring Book Featuring Our Favorite Motorcycles And More

Kawasaki, as you know, is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world. However, its products go well beyond just motorcycles. Indeed, the company’s biggest income generators come from the heavy industries sector, with motorcycles merely representing a drop in the bucket for Team Green. As such, Kawasaki’s coloring book isn’t just all about motorcycles, but includes awesome stuff like trains, excavators, helicopters, and even robots.

Each of the images are available for download through Kawasaki’s website linked below. Or you could also just save the high-resolution images in this article. Among the stuff you and your youngsters can color include some of our favorite Kawasaki motorcycles. For example, there’s a picture of a Kawasaki Ninja 400 racing alongside what appears to be a Bullet Train. Kawaskai has also offered a picture of the previous generation Ninja ZX-10RR KRT edition for you to go crazy with and create your own colorway. The Ninja H2R and the classy Z900RS are also there for your entertainment.

Apart from the bikes, Kawasaki also offers other intricate pictures for more advanced hobbyists. For example, the Kaleido humanoid robot is featured here, with hundreds if not thousands of individual parts for coloring. Fans of construction and heavy industries will also get to choose from machinery such as a stacker reclaimer and a bucket wheel excavator.

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