Apart from producing some of the best value retro-style motorcycles on the market, Royal Enfield is all about growing the community. The brand encourages self expression through customization, encouraging its customers to modify and personalize their motorcycles. The brand is also big on camaraderie, fostering a sense of family and belonging among its riders.

To embody the essence of family, Royal Enfield has announced the One Ride event for 2023, an event that it's calling the "largest annual ride that celebrates Pure Motorcycling." The way the even works is sort of similar to how the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR) does things. Here, riders from all over the world will unify and hit the road on two wheels, all to celebrate the joy of motorcycling. In Royal Enfield's One Ride, however, only Royal Enfield motorcycles get to participate.


At present, Royal Enfield's website allows you to select rides from seven countries, across 468 cities. There are a total of 750 rides for interested participants to choose from. The event is scheduled for September 17, 2023. The copy on Royal Enfield's official website reads, "Whether you ride solo or with friends or with motorcycle clubs, there's unity in the thought that we're all riding together on this One Day in September across countries on our One Planet."

More specifically, you can select rides from India, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, the US, and Mongolia. Simply select your country of choice from the dropdown menu, and follow the registration instructions moving forward. With all that on the table, Royal Enfield reminds participants of the One Ride to remain true to the brand's mission of being responsible riders on the road, as well as the use of your helmet. 

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350

In other news, Royal Enfield is expected to unveil the new Bullet 350, also in September. An iconic model in the brand's lineup, the Bullet's history can be traced back nine decades. The upcoming Bullet 350 will share a similar platform as that of the Meteor, Classic, and Hunter 350. It's also expected that there will be multiple variants of the new retro-style motorcycle.

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