One thing you can absolutely count on with Royal Enfield is that the company is always working on something. Its test mules are frequently spotted out riding on Indian roads as the company works to tweak the near-future bikes for their imminent release.  

The Bullet 350 is one of a handful that have been spotted in the past year. In late July 2023, a very short video teaser started making the rounds on Indian news sites, showcasing the familiar thump of the 350cc engine that currently resides in the hearts of the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Hunter 350. At the time, we suspected the most logical conclusion, which is that it was the upcoming Bullet 350. 

On August 20, 2023, Royal Enfield proved us right when it posted that exact video and indicated that yes, it’s the Bullet. In fact, a major official launch from Royal Enfield for the new Bullet line is planned on September 1, 2023.  


Paying a visit to the Royal Enfield India homepage on August 21, 2023, shows you a short video that scrolls through a handful of different Bullet logos, as well as featuring a countdown clock to the launch date of September 1, 2023. The logos are for the Bullet 350, Bullet 500, Bullet E, Bullet Electra, and Bullet Sixty-5.  

The Hindi phrase “Bullet Meri Jaan,” which roughly translates to “Bullet My Life” is everywhere and is also the name of the hashtag that Enfield is using to ask Bullet fans across India to submit their photos, stories, and memories with the Bullets that they’ve ridden over the decades. The line has a long and fondly remembered history, especially in India—and it’s something that Enfield wants to keep alive. Even as things change, those memories remain and inform the future.

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While Enfield has made it clear that a major Bullet launch is planned for September 1, 2023, what’s less clear is how many bikes might be involved. The Bullet Electra could easily be a variant of the new Bullet 350, but what about the Bullet E, Bullet 500, and Bullet Sixty-5? All names (save for the Bullet E) are ones that Enfield has used on Bullet models of the past. 

Enfield has made it clear that although it’s currently developing its first electric motorcycle, it likely won’t be ready for the public until 2025. Could that be the Bullet E? Many manufacturers like to use “E” to designate an electric bike these days, so it seems like a distinct possibility at this point. 

As for the other Bullet names mentioned here, is Enfield simply honoring all the Bullets that went before, or can we expect some of those nameplates to be revived on new bikes in the near future? Enfield phased out its previous 500cc bike lineup, but could a new Bullet 500 herald an entire new 500cc platform with stricter emissions compliance in mind? Stay tuned. 

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