Top-tier helmets from premium manufacturers can easily set you back more than a thousand dollars. However, top-tier protection doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Lots of helmet manufacturers cater to budget-minded folks looking to get the most bang for their buck. Among these is LS2, a Spanish brand that has become a mainstay in the industry thanks to its affordable, certified motorcycle helmets.

Covering all the bases of motorcycling, LS2 has a dizzying array of helmets in its arsenal, and shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to adding new models to its collection. One of the newest additions comes in the form of an updated version of its popular Storm helmet. Designed for urban, street, and touring use, the FF800 Storm II offers everything that was good about the first generation Storm, but with an added layer of safety thanks to the new ECE R22.06 standard.

New LS2 FF800 Storm II Helmet Offers Excellent Value For Money

On the outside, the FF800 Storm II retains its basic KPA-injected plastic shell. Style-wise, it boasts a futuristic design full of curves and edges – something that may seem polarizing for some riders. Nevertheless, the helmet's large intakes and rear extractors comprise a large part of the exterior design, so you know that the lid is designed to provide adequate airflow even on the hottest of days. Despite retaining similar styling to its predecessor, the Storm II’s shell sizes are now optimized for extra safety. There are now three shell sizes spread across seven helmet sizes (XS all the way to 3XL).

LS2 equips the new Storm II with a quick-release anti-scratch visor with a Pinlock 70 MaxVision anti-fog film. There’s also a drop-down sun visor for extra convenience when riding from day to night. Meanwhile, on the inside, the helmet gets removable and washable liners with hypoallergenic treatment to promote longevity. Overall, the helmet tips the scales at a respectable 1,530 grams, give or take a few grams depending on the size.

New LS2 FF800 Storm II Helmet Offers Excellent Value For Money

As is the case with all of LS2’s helmets, the FF800 Storm II retains its incredible value for money, priced at 198.99 Euros, or about $217 USD. Colors are plentiful, with gloss and matte black, gray, and matt titanium plain colors on offer. There’s also a wide selection of graphic designs on offer. For more accurate pricing information, please get in touch with your local gear retailer, or visit LS2’s official website linked in the sources below.

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