Different types of riders require different types of helmets. In the city, it’s acceptable to dress down when riding around, especially in a scooter, where the pace is relaxed and there’s a lot of getting on and off the bike. Jet helmets are perfect for this, as they offer the protection of a three-quarters helmet, with the comfort of a half-face lid. Not to mention, their retro design makes them a stylish option for fashionable riders.

Nexx Helmets, a manufacturer hailing from Portugal, has unveiled its fresh lineup of motorcycle helmets for 2023. This collection highlights a new series of vintage-inspired jet helmets falling within the Y.10 product range. Notably, the Y.10 Core jet helmet takes the spotlight as the inaugural option, capturing a sense of minimalism and practicality. In alignment with its name, the Y.10 Core places emphasis on fundamental attributes, putting forth the unique Polyfusion shell crafted from injected plastic, notable for its streamlined look and old-school charm.

New Nexx Y.10 Core Is A Safe And Stylish Lid For City Cruising

It's Important to note that this helmet doesn’t get a clear visor, but rather, a practical foldable sun visor. As such, riders will have to resort to using external eyewear such as glasses or goggles. That said, the helmet upholds its user-centric qualities, boasting a detachable and washable interior treated with antibacterial properties to promote longevity. Nexx has also thrown in intercom compatibility here, with speaker cutouts in the EPS foam ready to accommodate all sorts of comms systems.

Like all of Nexx’s helmets, safety and adherence to stringent regulations take precedence. The new Y.10 Core is equipped with a micrometric buckle chin strap making for a secure yet convenient fit. It receives certification in accordance with the latest ECE R22.06 standard. Rather lightweight at a mere 1,175 grams, the Nexx Y.10 Core jet helmet combines aesthetics, comfort, and practicality. Nexx offers a diverse selection of solid colors consisting of red, black, green, blue, gray, titanium, and beige. As for pricing, it retails for 119.99 Euros, or about $132 USD, and comes in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

New Nexx Y.10 Core Is A Safe And Stylish Lid For City Cruising
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