No matter what type of motorcycle you ride, taking a backpack along with you on your trips is one of the most simple yet effective ways to carry a variety of things. This is particularly useful for folks who use their bikes for daily commuting and running errands off the bike, as well. Luckily there are tons of motorcycle-specific backpacks in the market today, the newest of which comes from French gear equipment specialist Bering.

Bering's newest luggage solution is a versatile backpack perfect for summer adventures. Dubbed Murray, this lightweight and compact backpack offers a generous 21 liters of storage space, maximizing its practicality. With a sleek urban design, it features a stylish black and red colorway. The backpack is constructed using 600D Fiber Tech fabric, ensuring durability and abrasion resistance. For added protection, it includes softshell inserts that provide extra padding. Moreover, reflective inserts enhance visibility, while an orange rain cover keeps your belongings dry and enhances visibility during rainy, low-visibility conditions.

French Gear Maker Bering Presents The Murray Backpack

The Bering backpack also offers a range of practical features. It includes a dedicated laptop slot, allowing you to securely carry and protect your device. With two compartments, you have ample space to organize and separate your belongings efficiently. Additionally, there is a convenient zipped front pocket for quick access to frequently used items, as well as a zipped side pocket for additional storage options. These features enhance the backpack's functionality and make it a reliable choice for your everyday needs, both on and off the bike.

Designed with motorcycling in mind, the Bering Murray backpack prioritizes ergonomics for a comfortable and secure fit. It features an elastic fastening on the front, which helps keep the contents tightly secured during rides. The backpack incorporates a comfort back design, ensuring optimal support and reducing strain on your back. The preformed shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped to enhance comfort and distribute weight evenly.

French Gear Maker Bering Presents The Murray Backpack

For added stability, it includes a chest strap and a belly strap to keep the backpack securely in place while riding. Additionally, the backpack has a convenient carry handle, allowing for easy handling when not worn. These ergonomic features make the Bering Murray backpack a practical and reliable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Bering Murray backpack is available in the sleek black/red color combination. Priced at €89.99 or approximately $102 USD, it offers great value for money. Compared to other motorcycle backpacks in the market, it is considered one of the more affordable options. Despite its affordable price, the Bering Murray backpack doesn’t compromise on convenience, providing straightforward functionality without unnecessary extras.

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