Have you heard of SOCA? Well, now you have and let me tell you more about them. A few of us were approached by a new distributor, and let’s just say that they’re quite crazy when it comes to Vespas. 

The distributor and the brand themselves are quite fanatic when it comes to Vespa scooters. Hailing from Indonesia, SOCA is a brand that was born out of a passion for Vespa, a certain lifestyle, and the craving to create parts that are a visual expression of performance and passion, akin to the very scooters that SOCA designs for. 

When it comes to vision, the brand is more than just parts and accessories. Given that owning and riding a Vespa is a lifestyle, the brand caters to more than just the odd mod that you may find sitting pretty at the shop. SOCA’s products are expressions of Vespa riders’ passion for riding in style, and they’re meticulously designed and provide seamless and eye-catching interaction with Vespa scooters—as the brand has mentioned in its press materials. 

SOCA’s selection of parts offers enthusiasts a break from the norm, namely from the likes of popular Polini—to name one out of a few dozen popular marques. However, other than the odd mirror blanking screw, the product line extends to 12-inch Cast Alloy Rims, a Ducktail, Sportscreen, and—yes—mirror hole covers to name a few. 

Gallery: SOCA Products for Vespa

The brand got its start in Indonesia, and the name “SOCA” is derived from the Sudanese dialect of its home country, translated roughly, it means “eye.” SOCA is already a worldwide brand, and it enjoys widespread availability in Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam (where Vespas are born), and most recently: The Philippines. 

SOCA has recently expanded to another territory, and its products are not only unique, and indicative of the brand’s personality, but also quality, with industrial-grade materials and techniques being employed for every part that’ll find a home on a Vespa scooter. 

There are a number of interesting items to note, namely the SOCA Ducktail. While I know it’s rather pointless on a Vespa, unique and eye-catching it still is, and perhaps we could see more of the brand in the near future, perhaps further west. 

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