Kriega recently released an update to the RideApart favorite R25 Motorcycle Backpack. They’ve taken an already incredible product and improved it in some minor, but influential ways. If you’re planning a motorcycle trip, Kriega has the bag for you.

The Gear

The Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack is a 25-liter backpack constructed of 1000D Cordura for the base and harness, and 420D nylon rip-stop for the body.

The R25 utilizes Kriega’s patented QUADLOC harness system, which transfers weight from your shoulders onto your chest and hips to lessen rider fatigue while making fit adjustments easier to manage on the fly. This system also provides for almost zero upper body restriction, leaving your arms completely free to move unimpeded by weight.

The R25 is fastened by two of Kriega’s patented space-grade, round, plastic harness buckles; one at the chest and the other at the stomach. The same plastic is used at the four rear adjustment points, used to tighten the pack down to the exact size you require.

It utilizes CNC alloy slide buckles for the adjustment points and oversized YKK zippers to insure the hardware will last.

The R25 fits both the optional Forcefield Back Protector Insert and the optional 3-liter hydration reservoir.

The Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack retails for $189.

Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

The new version (right) has swaps the alloy sliders for traditional ones and keeps it's shape a bit more

What’s New

The updated version has beefed-up the connections at the top of the shoulder straps, where they connect with the body. There is now a thicker feel to the fabric which, along with the new and thicker grab handle, create more of a frame at the top of the backpack.

There is now a hydration tube routing duct at the top of the bag so you don’t have to run the hose through and opening in the main zipper enclosure.

They’ve turned the two alloy adjustment buckles on the shoulders into a more conventional plastic slider, which now allows for a greater range of adjustability.

Kriega added additional expansion pack attachment points at the rear buckles, making it possible to attach more than just the US-5 Drypack.

Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

The new version (right) with the upgraded grab handle and hydration tube routing duct.

The Good

I’ve worn the older model of this backpack on almost every motorcycle adventure I’ve taken in the past two years and, outside of the color beginning to fade a bit, it’s held up well.

Replacing the CNC alloy sliders with plastic adjustment points on the shoulder straps gives a greater range of adjustment and ensures the harness stays where you set it. The R25 also looks less like a parachute pack sans the two giant alloy rings, which is nice when you wear it to the office.

The added structure from the new grab handle and new attachment method of connecting the shoulder straps to the body of the backpack really help the R25 keep its shape when not packed completely.

The new attachment points at the rear of the bag make it far easier to attach US-5 or US-10 Drypacks as you can now use the normal hooks with the new loops they’ve provided.

The Bad

I’d like it if they offered versions with and without the giant reflective paneling, but that’s just personal preference.

The CNC alloy sliders still don’t cinch down small enough, nor do they remain very tight while riding. If I’m not wearing a hoodie and a really bulky leather or adventure jacket, I’m not able to fully experience the benefits of the QUADLOC system because I just can’t get enough of the weight to transfer to my hips.

Kriega backpacks are made to be cavernous so you can make it fit all of your needs. If that includes just a laptop and binder, it’s difficult to cinch the rear adjustment straps enough to keep your gear secure. We’d love to see Kriega bring their technology to a commuter inspired backpack.

Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

The Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack from the back, front, and with a US-5 strapped to the back.

The Verdict

The Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backback is my go to for any kind of adventure or trip. It’s my favorite in their backpack line because the front enclosure system (also used on the R30) is the best of Kriega’s configurations - the R20 only has one attachment point and the zipper on the R35 is difficult to operate (though choose the one that best fits your needs size-wise). They took a bag I already recommended to everyone, and made it even better.

What have your experiences been with Kriega backpacks?

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