Aside from the standard array of motorcycle gear like jackets, gloves, and other pieces, Tucano Urbano is rolling out two new helmets, the EL’Max and EL’City. Both models are jet helmets, and both models have features for the urban jungle. 

The new ECE 22.06 standard has got a bunch of manufacturers releasing new models as is the case with Shark, HJC, and many others. Helmets are getting safer, but it’s not just the established brands that are meeting the new standard. Tucano Urbano’s two new models are also ECE 22.06-certified as per the standards set by the EU for jet helmets. 

The first model is the EL’Max. It’s supposedly the more premium model in the lineup, and it is also the more expensive of the two. The EL’Maxa is a long-visor jet helmet designed for commuters. Made out of polycarbonate the shell features Tucano Urbano’s Clima System with two air intakes. The interior is made out of a hypoallergenic microfiber interior with Aero 3D Mesh inserts for even more ventilation. 

Tucano Urbano EL'Max

The visor of the EL’Max features a clear main visor that goes down to the chin and a dark smoke sun visor. For colors, you get matte black, glossy white, and glossy fluorescent yellow. The price is 159.90 EUR (about $176 USD). 

Meanwhile, the more affordable EL’City, priced at just 149.90 EUR (about $165 USD), is a compact and airy helmet that’s simpler and suited for rides in the metro. Also made out of polycarbonate, also with a double-visor system, and also with Tucano’s Clima ventilation scheme—this time with three air intakes, this helmet is designed for warmer days. 

Tucano Urbano EL'City
Tucano Urbano EL'City

As for the colors, it blends into the urban jungle with matte green, gray, and black. With a slight 10 EUR difference, these two helmets are rather matched in terms of specs and features, however, I’m sure that either will be a safe bet for scooters thanks to that ECE 22.06 certification. 

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